ONM Remembered – #459

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“The official word on the Nintendo grapevine is that he’s going to be called Derek in the Gamecube version.”

from Official Nintendo Magazine issue 104 (May 2001)

I don’t know what was in the water this month, but this letters page is exceptionally daft, from a petty Zelda/Final Fantasy rivalry to a curious interpretation of the word “rip off”, not to mention Bowser’s naming woes. The most sensible person on this page is Shane, who boldly states he’d pass the time in a dank dark dungeon by thrashing his captor at tennis. That boy’s got guts.
Did I ever mention when I was young I was convinced Lakitu was called Luggit? I swore up and down I read in a manual somewhere, and then when my brother checked the manuals we owned I swore it was in a message box in Super Mario World. I don’t think either one of us ever read those messages so it was an easy win until I found better things to do with my life. Like regale stupid personal stories to strangers on the internet.

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  • Phantom Dusclops'92 says:

    Oh, I have some kind of love/hate with this console war thingies from the 90’s.

    Also, Majora’s Mask is overrated and FFIX is underrated.

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