Level Warp

While ripping the bosses from Super Princess Peach, I was looking for a quick and easy way to reach level 8-6, as you need to rescue all the Toads in the game for it to open. It was bad enough one time, but a second time, on a slowass emulator? Over my dead body bitch.

So, long story short, after dicking about with Cheat Engine, I found values that change the area you went to after entering a pipe or starting a stage, which not only let me reach the last bosses, but also to several test stages!

Thought I'd mention. See ya.

When I first tried it on DeSmuME 5.0 on the US ROM of the game, the level modifier addresses were:


However, when I upgraded to DeSmuME 6.0 (an action I regret), these values would no longer work. Right now, I tried to get the new values, and they were


So, lesson learnt: Values aren't worth remembering.

So, seriously, here's how you do it:

  • Enter a level, preferably the first of a world. Change Cheat Engine's scan type to "Unknown initial value," and make a new scan. Nothing will appear in the value list, but that's expected.

  • Exit the level and enter the next one. Change the scan type to "Increase value by...", set the Hex to 256 and start your next scan. You'll get results, but too many to be of use.

  • You're now going to be thinning down the results. Enter the next stage and do another next scan, and repeat this until the results can fit on a single screen. You should know which are the level values as they're large, six digit numbers, along the lines of "918785" (which is the first area of level 4-5).

And that's how it goes! Each level has 256 slots to itself, so that's how you know. You can even use these addresses to change the difficulty level in mini-games without having to buy them!

I aimed to write a huge list of where all the values led to, but since so many of them just lead back to the main test stage, empty land or level 1-1, I just didn't have the patience. Here's the interesting stuff!

Value 16777217

This is the main test stage, which features tons of things, such as goodie bags, burnable bridges, gaps you can't slide under, and more! Most of the pipes lead to different test areas, so I'll cover them then.

Is it sad that the most interest I have of this level is the fact that three of the pipes have symbols on them? There's nothing interesting down them, but still.

Value 16777218

A large stone maze with so many Sad Goombas roaming around that the sprites disappear. Took me three frickin' tries to get that screenshot.

Value 16777219

This features two doors at the beginning, a strip of land that can be frozen over with the Sadness vibe, three rows of ice blocks, and a block you can shift to destroy them, although nothing is underneath. Going through one of the doors just leads you back out the other one.

Value 16777220

Another freezable strip of land with ice blocks and shattering block, this time with a door under one of them, but due to the blocks and/or the low roof in the way, you can't freeze the land and knock them down. The door takes you to a pipe in the sky, but you're unable to get out. The pipe to the left just brings you back outside the door, and the only pipe I could enter in the sky took me back to the main test stage.

Value 16777221

The Slidebrella test stage. It has a few gaps and lower slides to go off, but it goes on until the end of the screen where you can't even fall to your death anymore. Going through the door dumps you in the very top right of Value 3, for whatever reason, and you can't get out.

Value 16777222

A tiny room with motionless lava, a line of spikes, a ball, spring, and one of those lava-spurt platforms. The items disappear upon hitting the lava, but reappear after a while.

Value 16777223

This area starts off with a huge square of blocks with enemies inside, and is followed up by floating blocks with more enemies and goodie bags, and strangely enough, you can complete it by running through the little striped barrier along the way. Doing so takes you to world 0, a totally black area with no music located to the left of Wavy Beach.

Value 16777224

An area made fully of unused blocks and an odd looking hill.

Value 16777225

Sadly, he just stands there playing his idle animation while an orb lowers from the sky and drops a Toad or coins, just like after a boss battle, and Peach runs up and collects it. The Toad is there the first time you visit this area, and is even followed up with one of Perry's dreams, but those bore the balls off me and I didn't check if it was different. After completing, you're dropped into World 9, which is located above Bowser's Villa.

Value 16777226

Seeing Iggy may have startled me, but this scared the pancakes out of me. The level seems ordinary enough, aside from the odd looking tiles, but then crapped-up versions of obstacles from Bowser's Villa appear and do their thing. Totally unexpected the first time.

Value 16777227

A cliff. With old graphics.

And after that, it just repeats the main test stage again. This old document I have says Value 768 is "Toad Jump controllable (glitched graphics)", but yeah, DeSmuME 6.0 is just astoundingly crap in comparison to the old version, so it took me an hour to do what could've been done in twenty minutes, so my patience has run dry.

Now that you're enlightened, feel free to mess around with this 'til your hearts content! And as a bonus, have a save file of the game just after I finished doing this that also has all of the main levels available.


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