Stage 4 Scene 1


The stage begins with hordes of piranhas and turtles, along with the newly introduced natives, though they are ultimately no different than the regular goons except for their great jumping and new sound effects. The water in this section rises and lowers, though wooden platforms float atop of it so be wary, and use the time it lowers to grab yourself whatever items lie below. After that, there's a flat patch full of natives and the short first scene is over!


Stage 4 Scene 2


Although mostly flat ground, natives and pillars will try to stop you, the latter of which act like the pots and jars of previous levels, along with snakes. The slithering little critters move along and then leap through the air suddenly, proving dangerous, so be wary of them.


Purple tar pits are then brought in, featuring lowering and raising pillars that act as platforms, with vultures hindering your progress. Just going nuts is the answer, really. Turtles are brought back on the solid ground afterwards, and collapsing log bridges are thrown in on the second tar pit, which are a real hassle in 2-Player mode. After that, the ground will collapse and you'll progress to the next scene!


Stage 4 Scene 3


After sliding for a bit with the opportunity of collecting health, another special attack, Fire and a Bomb, you'll move into the cave where regular goons return, along with bats and piranhas and the muscular dudes. This is around the time when using a special attack is a good idea, as those baddies can swamp you fast.


Pits become more frequent and looping lifts are required to reach higher ground, which are usually topped with a boulder-rolling goon; react awkwardly and you'll get clobbered, wait too long and the roof squashes you, so just jump and bounce off them. Heading further, you'll encounter the mad doctor once again...


The boss is a large blue goop ghost type thing, which can shape itself into a 256-ton weight and squash you, form three missiles to launch into the air, resume orb form (which doesn't appear to achieve anything aside from making it a sitting duck), and form into nine smaller versions of itself that need hitting before it forms into one again. If you stay off the top platform and keep your actions synchronised in 2-Player mode, this guy shouldn't pose too much of a threat, though the splitting form can be nasty if you're cornered.