Stage 2 Scene 1


Upon beginning, you'll realise that quicksand is part of the environment and something that's pretty hazardous if you sit about in it for long; standing in one place for long anywhere in the game is a pretty stupid move, so don't do it. Scorpions are new enemies introduced in the level, which burrow up from the ground but can be defeated in a single shot. And ultimately, this first part is mostly flat ground, so not much to say.


The screen will lock and platforms will rise, unleashing a plague of scorpions to swamp you; with a charged Yoyo you can take them out with minimal harm and avoid using a special attack, but if you're uneasy then fire away. That section is followed up by a quicksand pit with a giant scarab beetle, which can also be sorted out with a charged-up Yoyo. And after some flat ground with regular goons, we enter the second scene!


Stage 2 Scene 2


Obligatory mine cart sequence! Enemies will roll in from both directions, still using their generic old attacks with the addition of bats entering the fray. Sometimes the path slopes downwards, speeding things up in no way at all, and sometimes the pathway starts collapsing, but really, it's still the same old stuff. After a series of broken jumps, the part ends with a flat patch with more generic enemies, and you move onto the third scene!


Stage 2 Scene 3


This scene begins with sarcophaguses littering the background and bats and boulders being the primary obstacles, the latter dropping from the ceiling and rolling, but can be easily dispatched. Continuing onwards, fire sprayers are introduced, and they are utterly devious, as their collision boxes are all kinds of wonky so you can barely tell if you'll get toasted or not.


Just as mummies are brought in bursting out of the sarcophaguses, the screen starts scrolling vertically, and the pain starts rolling in. The mummies shouldn't pose any threat, but the constant number of flames from all directions is bound to cause some frustration. There's a short stint with lifts, though it's not quite so painful, and after resuming to normal for a shorter period...


Boss time! The doctor summons a bunch of snakes to rise from the pots, and all of varying colours. The snakes can spew fire from their mouths, either from above or horizontally, birth smaller snakes from their mouths, ram into you, or merely come out and hiss. Due to them coming out only to attack before exiting again, it is very difficult to use power or special attacks on them, especially with the Yoyo, so your best bet is simply to focus on finding safe spots rather than attacking, as they love to team up on you from both directions. Keep it up, and they'll just explode and die.