Official PlayStation
Magazine Demo 62
uploaded 25 August 2009

This demo came on the Official PlayStation Magazine Demo 62, apparently sometime in 2000. It's got a whole bunch of other crap on it, but dude, Spider-Man! Demo pictures on top, final below.

A much simpler and less dynamic title screen for the demo, though you at leas get to see some bosses in the background, which is nifty.

You're given a quick briefing of the controls before you start the demo, including the moves for the web attacks, but the final can't even pack that onto one screen.

The demo gets a less spectacular episode image, just the level at a high angle with some editing. The final obviously gets properly drawn artwork.
The final starts with a panning of the level with narration from Stan Lee. The demo merely starts when Spider-Man climbs up the building, uttering "just another day in the life of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!" which I believe is used in a later stage in the final.

I'm terrible at geography, but this image suggests the buildings were repositioned and retextured for the final. How about that!
Black Cat was changed a lot for the final; you can't see it too clearly, but the demo Black Cat has her typical eye mask (which you can see in the demo title screen), while the final has it strangely absent; I'm no Spidey expert, but I don't recall Black Cat ever going around without her mask. She was also retextured and possibly even remodelled, changing her hair from white to a grandma grey, and de-emphasising her ribs. She also has a different voice actor in the demo. Here's just a sample.
[demo voice] [final voice]

The text messages are presented differently.
(Ignore the yellow compass, it's just flashing)

The movie scene is the same in both versions, except for the demo lacking the Spidey logo iris-in at the beginning and end, and one voice is different.
[demo voice] [final voice]
I remember being really pissed they changed it for the final, but in retrospect I can see why: that's one very bored reading.

And then it ends.


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