Sapphire's story (PSX)

intro | Garnet | Thyst | Aqua | C-Mond | Rald | Pearl |
By Aqua | Opa | Paz | Rquo | Patrako
victory | ending 1 | ending 2 | ending 3


If we can ask something when we collect 12 secret stones...
I'd like to control the universe.

Vs. Garnet

Cheeky boy. Give me your secret stone.

This secret stone? No I won't give it to you.

You'd better listen to me. You don't know my strength.

OK, let's have a match.

Vs. Thyst

You must have a secret stone, can I have it?

No, I'm taking care of my secret stone.

Is that so? You must listen to me.

No you can't have this stone.

Vs. Aqua

I heard you have a secret stone. May I have it?

I'm collecting the secret stones, not you.

You don't understand. Only I'm allowed to collect them.

No, only I can have all secret stones.

Vs. C-Mond

Hey fly, come here.

You're teasing me. Don't catch me.

How come you have a secret stone?

Don't come any closer. You cannot have this secret stone.

Vs. Rald

Little boy, you have a secret stone. Give it to me.

Are you a statesman? You look like a magician.

No I'm not. Do you know magic power? Do you recognize its strength?

No, I don't. I won't give my secret stone to a person who doesn't believe science.

Vs. Pearl

I'm Sapphire. A twin pharmacist. Give me your secret stone.

What's are you talking about?

Your sister is so understanding. How about you?

I'm so upset. Don't tease us.

Vs. By

I don't think there is a secret stone in this woods. Wait a minute.

Grich grich grich.

This is a strange rabbit. How come you have a secret stone? Give it to me.

You can't have the secret stone on my stomach.

Vs. Peridot

This is the store where the girl with the secret stone lives.

Are you looking for a part-time job. I'll make you popular.

Don't be silly. You must have a secret stone.

Oh you are not a part-timer, you're just looking for secret stones.

Vs. Opa

This is a strange house with a strange garden. Does the man with a secret stone live here?

I really like girls.

Keep away. Don't touch me old man.

You're looking for secret stones. I have some.

Vs. Paz

You're also looking for secret stones. Why?

Don't hide your secret stones.

I'm sorry but I'm supposed to beat you and take your secret stone.

OK I'll see you beaten.

Vs. Rquo

Where is the secret stone? Oh... those are secret stones.

Hey don't touch me.

Give me a secret pet.

Don't be rude. I'll beat you.

Vs. Patrako

I'm Patrako, I'll join the match.

Who are you? What are you doing?

I just want a secret stone is all.

No you can't have it.


Sapphire got the secret stone by magic power.

Final stone

At last I got the secret stone, so my desire will...

Ending 1

All the universe belongs to me.

Hahahaha. Everything is mine.

Ending 2

One step to conquer the universe starts here.

First I will attend the Miss Universe contest and win. It's natural.

Ending 3

Give me the secret power to conquer the universe.

Here's magic, which is too strong for me.