Sapphire's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

They call me Sapphire Hand over your Magic Gem! You can't resist me!

Wow! What an outfit! But... what's a Magic Gem?

Pretend you don't understand, eh? I need that gem It'll make my wish come true.

I dare you Try to take it from me... You'll never make it.


You need more experience in life Get that, kid?

Episode 2 - C-Mond

A fly? With a Magic Gem? Give that to me!

I'm no fly Name's Mrs. C-mond Imitation And I'm a fairy.

No introductions! You have no use for that gem! Just hand it over here!

No use you say? You're quite wrong... I know what it can do.


Shush! You have no idea! You feeble insect!

Episode 3 - By

It's huge for a rabbit... Wonder if it understands human... Hey you! Can you understand me?

Bobibi-bobo-bibobo (Long time no see Sapphire)

You're a noisy rabbit! (Wait.... maybe... Naa... can't be)

Bobyabya-bibiyabi (Nothing for me? Then go away)


You're irritating! I'm gonna kick your butt!

Episode 4 - Pearl

Twins now? Well that's OK... You two! Hand over your gems!

Dearl! Dearl! This girl's something else Must be a blackbelt in kung fu.

What! I don't believe this... On guard!

Sister..... Watch out!


Piece of cake! You two! Outa my sight!

Episode 5 - Rquo

Me versus a kid? Hey kid, just hand over the gem Be easy on yourself.

You're calling me a kid? Don't you know who I am? I'm the famous Ruco.

Pah... can't even pronounce that Just hand that over kid If you wanna stay healthy.

Kumi-kumi you hear that? I'll teach her a lesson!


Kids these days... They all need their butts kicked.

Episode 6 - Rald

Science is out Magic is hip I'll show you why.

Science is everything! Magic? That's history.

How dare you? You know I'm Sapphire? Look at you... You're trembling.

I... err.. I... am Going to.. err.. sh... show you The wo... wonders of s..s.. science!!!


Go to school and you'll find Magic more than science.

Episode 7 - Peridot

Your ears... They're just like a rabbit's... You human?

You don't remember me? I don't believe it That makes me so sad...

Mom? No.... can't be.... My spell was perfect She shouldn't remember anything...

You were always disobedient Come on Let's have some fun.


A beast for a mom? You're no mom of Sapphire!

Episode 8 - Aqua

That on your forehead... A Magic Gem, isn't it? Give that to me!

Wait... your dress It's so nice... Which brand is it?

My dress? She's asking me about my dress? Who cares about the brand!

Don't! You'll get your dress dirty...


Big deal...Hmm, She looks very familiar...

Episode 9 - Opa

Now what? An old man? Yuck, you're ugly Just go away.

Aha... a beauty! And a quick- tempered one...

Stop! Keep your paws off me! Lay off!

Heh heh... I like your angry face Come closer to me.


You're sickening, old man. Beat it you low life!

Episode 10 - Thyst

Shyst! You know what I want Give me the Magic Gem!

Dear sister Not the gem... Please...

Can't listen to your sister? You know what happens! Do what I say!

Sorry... What am I to do?


I feel pity for you, but your Magic Gem...

Episode 11 - Paz

Paz.... Spare me, please... You are my....

Say no more Sapphire I knew this would happen Come this way!

Paz... I'll go wherever you go...

I'll give you no quarters On guard!


Yes! I beat my master Paz! I can't believe it!


'... I received magical power.'

'Give Sapphire some special magic power.' 'Hahaha! This country, no - this world, now belongs to me.'