Rquo's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

My quest for the Magic Gems If I succeed... My dream will come true...

What are you blurting about? You lost, little kid? Need help?

Calling me a kid! Kumi-kumi, you heard that? He'll regret he said that...

Whaa!? What's this animal? Ouch! It bit me!


These kids! That was no way to treat a lady! OK?

Episode 2 - Thyst

All this hassle... Getting Magic Gems isn't easy Huh? Who have we there?

Hello... I'm Shyst... Who are you?

Another kid! Wait... his hat... It's got a Magic Gem!

Stop! What're you doing? Let go of my hat!


Piece of cake! Another gem for my collection.

Episode 3 - C-Mond

I'm famished... (sniff sniff....) Ahh... something smells delicious...

Hey! Where'd you come from? I'm busy fixing supper... What do you want?

What? I don't believe it! A fairy making a hamburger... Hey? It's got a Magic Gem!

Don't touch that! It's for me and my husband! There's nothing for you here.


Food for nothing GEMS for free!! My lucky day!

Episode 4 - Rald

Aha... I found the house This is where he lives The guy with the gem...

Who comes here? Hey! Watch your step! Don't step on that!

Cool it, man Heard you have a gem... Hand it over to me.

My Rald 30! Kids are so... unscientific I hate kids!


No enemy of mine. Science... pah Didn't help him.

Episode 5 - Pearl

All these people! Just wait... heh heh They'll all soon be my subjects...

Hey... he my type! And his pet... Huh... Sister? It's biting your hand... Let go of my hand!

Consider yourself lucky Could have been worse Now hand me your gem!

Dearl help! Help me! Let go of my sister! Let her go!


Two against one Hehe, but I won. Only one gem?

Episode 6 - By

Strange place... Strange animal looking this way...

Bobi? Bobibubobe? (Who're you? What're you doing in my forest?)

Noisy animal, aren't you? You trying to talk to me?

Bobi! Bobyabubu! (Kid! Just read my lips!)


That'll teach you You're no match for me...

Episode 7 - Peridot

Adults are all stupid Bunch of them here... What's going on?

Oh, we got a fresh one Looking for boys? I betcha... heh heh.

Aw shut up lady! That Magic Gem you got... Hand it over!

Calling me a lady? Yes a lady I am... But this gem is MINE!


Weird woman... Never mind... Her gem's mine.

Episode 8 - Aqua

My collection's growing... Few more to go Hey! On her forehead...

All these beautiful clothes... Ahh... there're so nice And who might you be?

You new around here? You don't know me? Well I'm the famous Ruco!

Who? Ruco? You don't interest me.


No match for me She's out cold. Kumi-kumi get her gem!

Episode 9 - Opa

Couple more gems And my dream'll come true...

Oh my, a kid... This's no place for a kid Scram kid!

Rude old man! I'm a lady, not a kid! Get him Kumi-kumi!

Lady? What lady? You're just a kid... I'll teach you!


I'm a mature lady Need no lessons. From old men.

Episode 10 - Sapphire

My, it's gotten dark Let's hurry Kumi-kumi... Who... who's there?

I'm Sapphire Your Magic Gem... Hand that over!

Heh... you don't scare me Quit being bossy! You make me laugh...

Bossy? Why you... I'm giving you no quarter! On guard!


Youth and Beauty wins!

Episode 11 - Paz

You! You puppet of the state! These gems are mine!

Hmm... I just wonder why... You're collecting those gems...

To make my dream come true You dummy!

Sorry about that... Your dream'll stay a dream I'll get those gems...


Yes! I got all of them! And now for my dream!


'The wrong wish came true.'

'Ruco's hope is, of course, to conquer the world.' 'No, no! It's not conquering the world.'