Rald's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Good day for experiments! My dear robots... Move exactly as I say!

Ahhh... beautiful day! (Crunch) What the...?

Argh! You smashed Rald 30! You'll pay for this!

Cool down... I didn't do it on purpose Come on. I'll apologize.


Now we're even! Justice has been done!

Episode 2 - Thyst

Gimme your Magic Gem I need it... For my research.

Who me? What? S...sorry I... uh... (sob)

Hey cheer up! I'm not trying to hurt you I just want the Magic Gem.

But I can't... It's very precious to me...


Ok, I got the Magic Gem, but can't understand.

Episode 3 - Peridot

Look at her! An exhibitionist... That's not scientific...

Hey there cute boy... Hmm... that necktie pin... Looking for this, aren't you?

Yeah! A Magic Gem! Hey keep your hands off! Don't touch me like that!

Take me... Take all of me... I'm at your disposal...


I only need the Magic Gem.

Episode 4 - Pearl

Look! Those kids got a test tube! I bet their scientists... My colleagues.

Who's he? We're no scientists We just sell remedies.

Naaa... you're scientists Let's join forces Be part of my Science Gang!

Wha.... This guys dangerous... Stay away from us... Go away...


The Magic Gem's mine now! Science is everything!

Episode 5 - C-Mond

A fairy... Such small wings... How can it fly?

Want something? Don't stare at me like that!

Hmm.... very peculiar I'd like to study you... Come to my lab...

Please stop! A weirdo! Husband help!!


Got myself a Magic Gem.I'll catch her someday...

Episode 6 - Rquo

I don't know you Do I? What do you want from me?

Heard you have a Magic Gem I know you have one Hand it over!

Huh? Ok... But in exchange for that creature I'd like to study it.

What? My Kumi-kumi? Not on your life!


I really wanted that creature, but the Magic Gem.

Episode 7 - By

That creature... hmm Digging with a shovel?! It must be intelligent..

Bobyabobyabobibiya (Hey this ain't a show! Beat it!)

Wow! Look at that! Something shiny! Let me take a look.

Beebobi! Bobo! (This is mine! Keep your hands off!)


The Magic Gem! Everything else was junk!!

Episode 8 - Aqua

That elegant girl... She been looking at me I wonder why...

That's a cute sailor suite I like it Give it to me.

What're you saying? I'm wearing nothing underneath I'll be naked...

That's no problem Here... Let me takes those off for you.


She looked wealthy Why would she want my clothes?

Episode 9 - Opa

This old man... Maybe he's got a Magic Gem I wonder where he's hiding it.

Gfah! You there! You cute little kid! Come over here!

Old man... Don't... Don't try to touch me...

Say, I can't control myself! My heart is yours... Be mine...


The world is full of things that you can't explain.

Episode 10 - Sapphire

The Magic Gem? I have the power of science... It's stringer than your magic, you witch!

Nonsense... kid Science... Pah! Something for low lives without magic.

That did it! You made fun of science! I'll show you!

Quiet brat! You have no chance... So you want it the hard way, huh?


Hurray! This is the power of sci-ence! OK witch?

Episode 11 - Paz

So you're the one... Making fun of science... You need a lesson!

Oh a lively one, eh? Go away! I have no time for you.

I'm not afraid of you You need to respect science I'm the one who'll show you how.

You just don't get it. Science will never flourish As long as I'm around.


He was wrong! Science will flourish! Hurray!


'... I've destroyed the evil empire.'

'Oh! Our robot has comet [sic] to life. You're called Rald #28.' 'We can destroy the magical country. Seek and Destroy!!!'