Pearl's story (PSX)

intro | Garnet | Thyst | Aqua | C-Mond | Rald | By
Peridot | Sapphire | Opa | Paz | Rquo | Patrako
victory | ending 1 | ending 2 | ending 3


If we can get something when we collect 12 secret stones...
We can produce a new type of medicine.

Vs. Garnet

Hey, young man. Why don't you have a match with me.

What? A match? I'll beat you.

I will beat you, and I'll have your secret stone.

Never! I will beat you!

Vs. Thyst

Hey, little girl with the pony tail. Can I have your secret stone?

It's mine. You can't have it.

It's worth more if I own it.

It's my secret stone. No one can have it.

Vs. Aqua

You have nice clothes, so give me your secret stone.

No you can't have it.

Don't be silly. I'll steal it.

Stealing is a waste of time.

Vs. C-Mond

Oh your a fairy? I must have your secret stone.

Don't catch me in your net.

I have broken my net. Give me your stone.

I'm not a bug, don't tease me.

Vs. Rald

I'll give you this medicine for your secret stone.

Do you also collect secret stones for science?

What are you talking about? I don't care about science and we need this secret stone.

I'm disappointed. I'll teach you how wonderful science really is.

Vs. By

(whistling) This dog doesn't react to a whistle.

Woof woof woof.

I'll catch the dog and take his secret stone.

Woof woof woof. (No you can't have it.)

Vs. Peridot

You're beautiful enough, so give me your secret stone.

No! I can be more beautiful with this secret stone.

You're a little bit too old to have a secret stone.

Your cheek has just earned you a match!

Vs. Sapphire

Give me your stick. My brother wants it.

Shut up. You give me your secret stone.

He's angry. Shall we beat her?

No chance, I will beat you.

Vs. Opa

Say old man, are you looking for a secret stone?

Yes, young man, I am. You're so kind.

Could I have that secret stone of youse? Give it to me!

What! You don't want to help me you just want to steal my secret stone.

Vs. Paz

Hey you're an officer of the state. You don't need a secret stone.

Don't be silly.

I'm upset, I'll take that secret stone anyway.

Don't be silly. You can't have it. Get out of here.

Vs. Rquo

Say strange creature, can I have your secret stone?

No you can't have it, it's mine.

Don't be rude. I'll steal it.

Don't underestimate me, or you'll have a hard time.

Vs. Patrako

I'm Patrako, I'll join the match.

Who are you? What are you doing?

I just want you secret stone.

No you can't have it.


Pearl and Dearl got the secret stone by cooperation.

Final stone

Well done! This is really the last secret stone. Dearl, Dearl.... we did it.

Ending 1

We'll make a medicine and give it to our mother and father.

I'm glad to hear that.

Ending 2

Shall we make some Love medicine and sell it?

Maybe that will set like hot cakes.

Ending 3

Shall we make the ultimate medicine?

If it's the ultimate ultimate, it might explode.