Pearl's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

You over there! Did you see a boy here... That resembled me?

Resembled you? Not really...

Thanks... Where'd he go? Hey, is that a Magic Gem?

Yes it is... You want it? Then take it by force...


At first, you seemed like my type. Too bad!

Episode 2 - Rquo

Did Huh! What's that you have? Let me see that!

Lay your hands off! Nobody touches Kumi-kumi! You hear!

You insolent brat! You asked for it! Now give that to me!

I'm no kid! Treating me like a kid... You'll pay for that!


Just as I thought A Magic Gem! How lucky I am!

Episode 3 - C-Mond

That's... a fairy, right? Wow! A fairy! A genuine fairy!

Yes I am... I'm a genuine fairy... Not many around... hehe.

A fairy's wings... Dearl said they bring eternal life... Gotta catch this fairy.

No, stop! A fairy can't live without wings! Help me dear husband!


Gotcha! Aha! A Magic Gem! I'm still lucky.

Episode 4 - Thyst

Running out of money (sigh) Hey wait! Yes you! Wanna buy some diet pills?

Oh you sell medicine? But... diet pills? I have no weight problem!

Oops... sorry My mistake Then how about...

Cheer-up pills? What are you up to? I don't need any of those!


Lost that one... I gotta cheer up Can't look gloomy.

Episode 5 - Aqua

Listen there... You always dressed like that? I like your style.

Yes I am I got plenty of clothes And they're all nice.

Magic Gems! You go after them dressed like that? I suggest you dress differently.

No way I'm taking your clothes And your Magic Gem.


The Magic Gem's mine! I'm taking her clothes too.

Episode 6 - Rald

You want some potions? I'll sell them cheap.

Well, let's see... You have anything that boosts... Inventor's minds?

I do, but it tastes really bad I'll trade it with you gem What do you say?

Hmm... You for real? Maybe you're a cheat... A con-artist...


You seemed so strong and fit. Better work out.

Episode 7 - Peridot

Hey there beautiful! Wanna buy a love potion? Make all men fall in love with you?

No thanks... I'm a love hunter I need no love potions.

You stingy woman! This is hard to come by I'd buy some if I were you.

Go away I have no interest in women Men, men, men are what I want!


Listen to that... I don't care for older women.

Episode 8 - By

Oh... I'm so hungry An animal! But digging? Anyway, it looks good to eat.

Babibebabibibebobo (I'm no food!!!)

Hey a Magic Gem! A case of two birds and a gem! On your mark, get set....

Babibibabobebababi (I'll report you to the WWF!)


Ahh, food! How should I cook this? Roast it?

Episode 9 - Sapphire

My... she looks crossed Hey, you got stomach problems? I've got a remedy.

Buzz off... Wait... that's a Magic Gem! Leave that here and beat it!

Oh, you scare me... Cool down I bet men stay away from you.

Silence! I need no men My quest is everything now And getting Magic Gems is my quest!


The magic of the Magic Gems... Use it for fun.

Episode 10 - Opa

Excuse me... You want a face-lift potion? You'll look handsome.

Now that's a rude thing to say Your parents... Didn't they teach you manners?

My parents? I had no parents... You remind me of my sad childhood.

Oh? Is that right? Ok, if that's the case I'll teach you some manners!


If I get all the gems, maybe I can meet my parents.

Episode 11 - Paz

I'll give you this potion If you tell me where... The last Magic Gem is.

Too bad... I know of no Magic Gems... Just leave in peace.

You work for the state You should know Maybe YOU have it!?

Bingo! Smart girl, aren't you? On guard!


I did it! I have all the gems! Gotta find Dearl.


"... Co-operation with others."

"My aim is to join my sweetheart. Hey, wait, young lady!" 'Dearl, is it all right? It's all right, only because I like you.'