Paz's story (PSX)

intro | Garnet | Thyst | Aqua C-Mond | Rald | Pearl |
By | Peridot | Sapphire | Opa | Rquo | Patrako
victory | ending 1 | ending 2 | ending 3


If we collect 12 stones, can our hopes come true?
It's silly, but we must if we wish to achieve our goal.

Vs. Garnet

Give me the secret stone on your arm.

Don't order me around. Are you afraid of fighting with me?

Am I scared? No way. You're scared of me.

Now I'm mad. I'll show you my power.

Vs. Thyst

Hey little girl, give me the secret stone on your hat.

This is my important stone.

You'll feel comfortable without it, so I'll just take it.

Why? You'll never understand my grief.

Vs. Aqua

Give me the secret stone on your forehead.

Why? It's my charming asset.

The stone is not a decoration.

Oh no, get out of here.

Vs. C-Mond

Hey fairy, give me your secret stone.

No, you can't have it.

Size is everything. Love is nothing.

Don't tease me.

Vs. Rald

Hey you, give me the secret stone on your chest.

No. It is as important as my scientific work.

Science is nothing. I'll take the secret stone using my magic.

Take science seriously, I'll show you the real power of science.

Vs. Pearl

Hey twins, give me the secret stones on your chest.

This stone is not a secret stone and you can't have it.

You can't tell people what to do.

I don't understand what you mean. What do you want to do?

Vs. By

Hey there animal, give me the stone on your stomach.

Grich grich grich.

Silly humans, can't decide. I'm not silly. I'll take your stones.

You're talking to yourself.

Vs. Peridot

Hey there beast, give me your secret stone.

No you can't have this secret stone, but you're a nice man.

It's the heart that counts. Now give me your secret stone!

I don't care, but if you are a man, why don't you come and get it.

Vs. Sapphire

Hey Sapphire. Long time no see. Can I have your stone?

Oh Paz. I need this stone to beat you.

You're really something to notice that I have a secret stone.

I'll beat you and your secret stones are all mine.

Vs. Opa

Hey old man, give me your secret stone.

You're a nice guy but you can't have it.

What? The reason it exists is for me. I'll get it.

Are you going to get it? Don't hurt me.

Vs. Rquo

Hey you, give me the stone from that creature.

No you can't have it. I need the stone for myself.

Give me the secret stone.

Oh you have guts. Here we go.

Vs. Patrako

I'm Patrako, I'll join the match.

What are you doing here?

I just want a secret stone.

OK, I'll fight with you.


Paz got the secret stone by sheer desire.

Final stone

This is the last secret stone. The world revolves around me, it's natural.

Ending 1

My desire is to control the world.

Hahaha. Now everything belongs to me.

Ending 2

I have collected enough secret stones, but ...

I can't use the stones without believing in my power. That's nonsense. I have to practice.

Ending 3

In the future the state will need a nice guy like me.

We'll use our power and beat you without fighting.