Paz's story (Beginner)

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Episode 1

I'm Herrs, you must be an upper class player to have chosen me.

I am Shyst, your opponent. Do you want me to explain the rules?

I know them. You don't need to me.

Well, what shall I do?


You must be good enough to have chosen me.

Episode 2

I'll tell you about a special technique.

I am Rald, that person never told me the rules.

Why don't you see the manual for the rules.

Why don't you select someone else? Or you can choose me.


You're good. The attack technique, depends upon the character. Remember that.

Episode 3

One more. I'll tell you the secret.

Why don't you tell me the rules?

The person who chooses me is a higher level player, I don't need to tell you the rules.

Rucco will beat her.


If you win, you're a good person.