Paz's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Thyst

They call me Paz That gem on your hat... Give it to me...

What? This gem? I can't, it's a Magic Gem....

I know what it is... You have no use of it I need that...

Why? You work for the state... Why would you need it?


So I have to use force? Sorry about that...

Episode 2 - Rald

They call me Paz That gem you have Give it to me.

No way! To a guy from the state? Never!

So I need to use force... That gem's cursed It'll destroy the state.

You ridicule science You're not getting this! This is for science...


Science... pah It returns you to the stone age.

Episode 3 - Rquo

Science must be eliminated My goal is to... Who's there?

Your goal? Mine is to conquer the world.

Is that right? ... heh heh Hey? That's a Magic Gem...

Making fun of me! I'll show you! On guard you insolent pup!


The victor decides justice and writes history...

Episode 4 - C-Mond

Heh... a fairy Carrying a Magic Gem That's peculiar... heh heh.

My name's C-mond Have you seen my husband? He's called Mr. Imitation.

Nope... But I'll tell you what... You give me that stone!

Help! Stop that! Let me go!


You fairies... You're good for nothing...

Episode 5 - By

A Magic Gem? Carried by an animal? I'll dispose of it!

Bobi-Bobubyan! (This's my treasure! Lay your hands off!)

I'm talking to a beast? What's become of me? Must be the heat wave...

Bobibibababibin! (You low life!)


Better re-evolve, Maybe then you've got a chance.

Episode 6 - Peridot

They call me Paz That gem you have... Is that a Magic Gem?

That's right mister Hey, you're not bad looking Wanna go steady with me?

Huh... you make me laugh... Me... with a beast?

I'm not your type, eh? I know what... I'll add you to my collection.


Only looks human. But, a beast to the core.

Episode 7 - Pearl

They call me Paz.

Sorry I'm busy now Later... Dearl, lend me a hand... Welcome.

Huh? A Magic Gem...

Ahh ... umm... Sister? Hey you! You irritate me! What do you want?


Hearts entwined forever, MY power forever... heh heh.

Episode 8 - Opa

They call me Paz Wait... I know you You used to be one of us...

You turn me on!

What're you saying!?

Men turn me on!


Badly stored wine Turns into vinegar.

Episode 9 - Aqua

Floryte... That on your forehead Give me that gem!

No you don't! Nobody's getting this Not even you brother!

I need that Must have it...

No way! But wait... hmm I'll trade it with your clothes.


I don't need power Power needs me...

Episode 10 - Sapphire

Sapphire... Hand over that gem... It's a curse to the state...

Paz... Anything else... But not this!

I knew it... I knew such a time would come... I was afraid of it.

Paz... On guard!


The struggle is within...Must have inner pride.

Episode 11 - Garnet

One more gem... One more to seal off And my utopia will reach perfection...

Paz... stop dreaming! That dream of yours... I'll shatter it into pieces!

Pah... A beetle brain like you? What do you know about dreams...

That's it! Now I'm really angry! You better be ready for this!


Not bad Garnet... Too bad that time was on my side.


"... I don

"Now I have collected all the stones, but I have to be a ruler with my own power." 'I don't want to depend upon the power of the stones. I hope I don't have to use it.'