Patrako's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Hmm... Think I got lost... Where is this?

Who goes there! I'm Garnet... I was born January 1st.

I'm patrako Where is this?

This is Forset Town See the town below! Ahh... the wind's nice here.


Hurray! Got a Magic Gem! It's a garnet!

Episode 2 - Thyst

Lost again... Hmm... Where am I now?

Hi... I'm Shyst I was born February 2nd Who're you?

I'm patrako Can you tell me where I am?

You're in Caesar Town Far from the city I live here.


Yupee! Yes an amethyst! It's so pretty!

Episode 3 - Aqua

Again... Lost again... Where is this?

Hi cutie I'm Aqua I was born March 3rd.

I'm patrako Please tell me where I am.

This's my place In Pendeloak, capital of the realm.


Yes! A gem! An aquamarine! The color of the sea!

Episode 4 - C-Mond

Not again... Where am I? I'm tired of this...

Hi, I'm C-mond the fairy Was born on April 29 You lost or something?

Yes indeed... Where am I? I have no idea...

You're in a port Near Baguette Lighthouse I'm looking for my husband...


Another gem! A diamond this time! A carbon crystal!

Episode 5 - Rald

Oh no... I've walked into someone's place Gotta leave fast...

Who're you! I'm Rald... Born May 3rd.

I'm patrako Where is this?

You're in my place In Brilliant City You into science?


An emerald! I used to have many. Fond memories!

Episode 6 - Pearl

My, what a crowd... Let's see... I'll ask those girls in costumes.

Hi, who are you? We're Pearl and Dearl Twins born on June 6th.

Hello I'm patrako And I'm lost.

This's the marketplace... Brilliant City's marketplace... You wanna buy potions?


Whopee! A Pearl! From the South Seas! From Shells!

Episode 7 - By

Lost again... This time in a forest What could that be?

Beebobi! Bubobibe! (I'm Bee... Born July 20th)

This is magic! I can understand what it's saying! Where am I?

Bobibobibobyabube! (The Forest of Obsidian, where jadeite is found!)


Another stone! A ruby! It's so red and beautiful!

Episode 8 - Peridot

I'm so hungry... I'll buy some food there...

Hello there... I'm Peridot Was born on August 13th.

You sell any food here? I'm so hungry... Any food will do.

Sure... You came to the right place My place in Forset City.


Ahh... a peridot Also called olivine. ALL mine!

Episode 9 - Sapphire

Night has come... Oh, the moon... So mystic and romantic...

Hi, I'm Sapphire Born September 25th I haven't seen you around...

I'm not from around here I am lost... last I know was I was playing in Ptolemy's house.

You're in the Agate Mountains Not in the house of Pto... whatever...


Yes! A sapphire! Nice blue color! It's all mine!

Episode 10 - Opa

I've come so far... This looks like a garden Wonder whose it is...

It's my garden! My name's Opa! Born on October 10th!

Wow.... Such a big garden And this's all yours?

Yes, a big chunk of Markee's Island By the way, you're trespassing Gotta teach you a lesson!


Got myself an opal Look at its variety of colors!

Episode 11 - Paz

My, this is a high place! Makes me dizzy...

You there... I'm Paz... born November 3 Why are you in this castle?

I have no idea... Tell me something... Are the Magic Gems really magic?

That's... just a myth That story about dreams coming true... If you collect the 12 Magic Gems...


A to paz! One more to go! Soon its over.

Episode 12 - Rquo

Whoopee! Another one... And my dream'll come true!

Another what? Who're you? I'm Ruco born December 30th Answer me!

I'm patrako I'm looking for the 12th gem! Then I'm going home...

What? You... You have 11 of the Magic Gems? Good! Give them all to me!


I've accomplished my quest! Now I can go home!!!


"I accidentally entered into a strange world."

'I'd like to return home as soon as possible.' 'Patrako's home is Taito.'