Opa's story (PSX)

intro | Garnet | Thyst | Aqua | C-Mond | Rald | Pearl |
By Aqua | Sapphire | Paz | Rquo | Patrako
victory | ending 1 | ending 2 | ending 3


If we can ask something for collecting 12 secret stones...
I will make all human beings like me.

Vs. Garnet

Hey, little boy, give me your secret stone.

What are you talking about? I don't have a secret stone.

Are you too young to notice the secret stone on your glove.

You want a match with me, don't you?

Vs. Thyst

Hey little girl with glasses. Show me your hat.

No this hat is mine.

You don't understand what I mean. Excuse me...

Stop it. This hat has my gem.

Vs. Aqua

Say can I exchange my stick with your secret stone.

No. I'm not interested in your stick.

Don't underestimate me. I'll show you how strong this stick is.

OK. I'll have a match with you.

Vs. C-Mond

I must be getting old, I see a fairy.

Yes, I'm a real fairy. Not just your imagination.

Are you a real fairy? Then give me your secret stone.

What are you doing? This is my secret stone.

Vs. Rald

Hey little boy, I will help you carry that heavy bag.

There's an important thing in this bag.

Really? Then can I have the secret stone I can see.

No, no. You can't have it.

Vs. Pearl

Oh you're twins. That means your secret stone is two times bigger.

What are you talking about?

Give me your secret stone.

He's really strange. What shall we do Dearl? Shall we run away?

Vs. By

What a world! An animal with a secret stone.

Binkie binkie binkie.

I'll take that secret stone from that animal. It's only training.

I'll also take a secret stone from that old man.

Vs. Peridot

Oh that's a cute girl. And she has a secret stone.

You want my secret stone, don't you? And I want you.

My heart is pounding.

You're blushing, you turned red. I want your secret stone, not you.

Vs. Sapphire

You also have a stick. I feel intimate with you.

Shut up. My stick is nicer than yours.

Then I'll get your secret stone and put it on the end of my stick.

Don't be silly, let's have a match.

Vs. Paz

You're a statesman and you have a secret stone. That's dangerous.

Go away!

I should have a secret stone before a statesman has one.

The man who likes danger, will die by danger.

Vs. Rquo

Hey little boy, give me the animal's secret stone.

Don't be rude. I'm not a little boy.

I'm sorry little girl. Give me the animal's secret stone.

You are so rude. I won't give it to you.

Vs. Patrako

I'm Patrako, I'll join the match.

Oh what happened? How come you've joined?

I just want a secret stone, that's all.

I'm an old man, don't be rude to me.


Opa got the secret stone by love and power.

Final stone

This is a secret stone. My dream, love, hope, and peace will come true.

Ending 1

Do I have to teach all humans my good points?

First of all I have to teach that power and beauty are the basics of the body.

Ending 2

Of course my desire is to make all humans exactly like me.

Hahahahaha. Just like me.

Ending 3

I'd like to be younger.

Then everyone would be in love with me.