Opa's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Ahh... this feels great A breeze on my solid body Hey! Who's that?

What do you want old man? You got any business with me? I ain't got anything for you.

Silence you insolent pup! You need to be taught manners I'll teach you manners!

Yuck! You smell! Let me go!


I've no interest in young boys. Magic Gems I love.

Episode 2 - Thyst

Hi ho.... hi ho I'll find all the gems hi ho My dreams'll come true... Huh?

Hey! What're you doing? Don't come near! Ugh ! Go away!

Little girlie... That on your hat It's a Magic Gem, right?

What? This? Yeah it is... No... No you don't!


I'd rather teach you about love. The gem is mine.

Episode 3 - Rquo

Hey kid! I heard you have a Magic Gem Am I right?

Kid? I'm a lady! Don't call me a kid!

Lady? What lady? Give me your Magic Gem Just hand it over.

Ok! That's it! He's gotta pay for that remark! Right Kumi-kumi?


A lady, hahaha. Stay put here for 2 hours!

Episode 4 - Rald

So this is where he lives The inventor kid... With a Magic Gem ... Aiya!

Roar Rald 30 Fists of steel Huh! Somebody's at the window!

Hi there... You're a nice boy... Just hand over your Magic Gem!

Are you imitating spiderman? What're you doing there? Get down! Go away!


When you're older you can be in my harem. Hahaha.

Episode 5 - C-Mond

Nothing like a good work out Makes you thirsty though Hey, little girl!

Little? You talking to me?

Yeah you there, the little one That gem in your hand Gimme that!

You're calling me little Picking on me...


Maybe I should take you along You like that?

Episode 6 - Pearl

Look at everyone here! They all look unhealthy They should all work out.

Potions for sale! Discount cough potions, love potions All kinds of potions!

Hey there... young girl Got anything for building muscles? My of my... that's a Magic Gem!

Yikes a pervert! Keep your hands off me! Help! Molester!


A potion and a Magic Gem for free Heh heh heh.

Episode 7 - By

Hihihihi! Ya! Perfect place for training What is that?

Bobin! Bobabubeba! (Hey old man! You're in the way!)

Noisy thing, aren't you? What are you? What's a Magic Gem you got!

Bobi! Bobibibibu! (Ouch! Stop pulling at my navel! Lay your hands off this gem!)


Yuck! This gem smells foul! He never bathes.

Episode 8 - Peridot

I think I'll rest here Nice place Any girls around?

Hi handsome You're all muscles! Cool!

Not bad yourself... Wanna have a date? Hey what have we here?

Can't you be more gentle? Not there.... Huh? You like this gem?


Haha! I got both a date and a gem. My lucky day!

Episode 9 - Aqua

Youngsters today... They have no ethics... Have to teach them...

What are you mumbling about? Your clothes... They're so out of date...

Never mind my clothes Wanna have a date? What do you say?

I don't think so Not with you anyway Just not my type.


Another date... Told you it's my lucky day.

Episode 10 - Sapphire

Getting real dark Look at that! Now that's a real beauty!

An old man... and ugly too You there! I'll take you on!

What.... You'll take me on? Heh heh... just don't hurt me, Ok?

What's he saying? Yuck! Keep those dirty hands away from me!


Ahhh I just can't resist beauties. You're my type.

Episode 11 - Paz

So you're Paz I used to work for the state myself You heard about me?

I know about you... You're a loser, a flop sorcerer And you say you worked for the state?

Yeah I did, scout's honor! Let's leave it at that Now give me that Magic Gem!

You make me laugh! An old man like you? Go away before I make you...


These elite guys are weaklings I'm one up on them.


'... Let's all go out and play together.'

"Clearly spoken my aim is... - that." "Ahhh, relaxing bath, I enjoy life."