Garnet's story (Beginner)

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Episode 1

I'm Garnet, I will teach you the rules, so listen carefully.

H-h-h-hello, I'm Shyst, I will play against you.

The first rule is to Move the cursor to deflect the ball to eliminate the stones.

By breaking an attached stone, the unattached black colored stones will be sent to the opponents side of the screen.


I Won!!! Let's Go Again!!

Episode 2

I'll show you a stronger attack strategy.

If the ball misses the cursor and hits the floor, more stones advance downwards.

This will allow you to send many stones to the opponent when many unattached stones are dropped.

However, be careful not to let the stones cross the end line or you will lose.


You're quite a good player, aren't you? Easy level ends in the next screen.

Episode 3

You understood the rules. By the way, at times you'll see red and blue marks at the bottom of the screen.

I know, they will tell you how strong the attack will be.

I will explain, the red mark means 5 and the blue mark means 1 stone attack.

I knew that.


Sorry, this is the end of the round. If you want to listen to more of my story, play 'Normal Mode'.