Garnet's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Thyst

Hey Shyst! I'm off to find the Magic Gems! Gotta restore the world!!!

What? Garnet......... You leaving me again?

Message in the wind! Says, Look for the shining Gems! Gotta go!

What am I to do? (sigh)


A Magic Gem! It's mine now! Sorry, Shyst!

Episode 2 - Rquo

Hey small one! That thing on your head! Let me have it!

That's my Kumi-kumi! Don't! Stop treating her like a kid!

Huh? She your friend? My only friends are the wind and the sun!!!

Wind? Sun? He's a nut case! Let me take care of him!


I hear the murmur of the wind. The sun calls...

Episode 3 - C-Mond

Beautiful sky! Huh? A weirdo flying!

That's no weirdo... That's C-mond A pedigreed fairy!

Fairy? They good to eat? I know what.... Let's catch it!

Please stop I'm not edible... Spare me please.


Gotcha! Hey! A Magic Gem! It's mine now!

Episode 4 - Rald

So you're into Science, eh? Doesn't sound fun...

No... Rald 30's a robot Made just like a human That's why he's soft-skinned.

Really? Hey, you're right! Yuck... This is weird!

Hehe my power ... The power of science You wanna be my testpiece?


Power of science? Nature's power is far greater!

Episode 5 - Pearl

Hi potion sellers! Hey, look at those two! They look just alike!

Making fun of us! Hate guys like that! Rude and insolent! Hey girl... I hear you...

Stop whispering! Speak louder! You're doing business, right?

I think I'm made fun of Hate people like that .....


Ahoy!!! That feels great! Feel better now?

Episode 6 - By

What... are you? You got long ears for a bear... Must hear all kinda things...

Bobibobiba bibebibobi (I'm no bear)

Can you hear messages in the wind? You a dog? A horse? Maybe a rabbit?

Bobyabyabyabya! (I'm neither of those!)


Your long ears are of no use if you can't hear..

Episode 7 - Peridot

I'm getting hungry ... hey! What's that on your neck? You a dog?

This chain? My treasure... My weapon too (swoosh!)

Ouch! That really hurt! Picking a fight with me, eh? Why you...!

Want more? You'll get more.. You're asking for it!


That sure was fun! Let's do this again someday!

Episode 8 - Aqua

What the ... What's that weird outfit? A new fad?

Not really... Look at yourself ... You're the one with the weird outfit...

The only clothes I have... They stretch a lot ...

Cool! Those made of rubber? Now that's really something...


Anyway I don't want your clothes only the Gem!

Episode 9 - Opa

Hi old man! Seen any Magic Gems around? Hey, your hair style's cool!

Now that's a compliment! It takes a lot of work a lot of hair care ...

Huh? Work? Hair care? For a wig? That's a wig, right?

What!! That's not nice! I'll teach you, you brat!


Hey old man! A Magic Gem! It's mine now!

Episode 10 - Sapphire

Hmm! She's good looking! Kind of stuck up, though!

Shush you kid! They call me Sapphire! Gimme those Magic Gems!

These're mine! Too bad... No way you're gonna get them!

Hmm I'm not... We'll see about that!


Not bad lady! But, Nobody takes my Gems!

Episode 11 - Paz

So you're Paz of Magic Land You did this! You destroyed our peace!

Silence kid! No concern of yours! Go on back to your mom!

You be quiet! I'll kick your butt! Ban you from this world!

Ho ho ho ... Big talk for a small kid... Just beat it kid, scram!


I did it! Like they say, Justice triumphs!


"... World peace came true."

"My aim is to eliminate statesmen !!!" 'We've gotten rid of him, so now this world will now become peaceful!!'