As of now there's a sore lack of content, though, uh, we'll see if anything decent comes of this page sooner or later!

Puchi Carat Original Sound Tracks

The official soundtrack! Mostly higher-quality resamples of the PlayStation music, though there are some differences. The booklet is perhaps the more interesting part, featuring timelines of events in each character's life.
(music download coming soon!)

Case and booklet scans (25MB)

Bitmap Fonts

Mostly a by-product of making the index page buttons and graphics, but should you ever want to use Puchi Carat fonts for whatever stupid purpose you want (granted you have Bitmap Font Writer first!), here's your chance!
High score (Arcade)
Dialogue (Game Boy)


Sprite sheets of each character's frame of animation from the arcade and Game Boy games - browse through here to find them.
This section is mostly a footnote because my rips are pretty wretched - I actually overlapped some of the frames while making the sheet, effectively ruining them! When I rerip them I'll gussy up this section a bit; I'd want something to be proud of first.