C-Mond's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Honey! My dear husband! Where have you gone?

Fine day today.. Wow! A flying doll!

I'm no doll... Name's C-mond... I'm a fairy!

Hey! Is that a Magic Gem? Give that to me!


Day Y of Month X To my husband, A Magic Gem.

Episode 2 - Thyst

Where are you honey?! Excuse me? Have you seen my husband?

Huh? Where are you? You asking me?

Yes I am Surely you can see me. I'm not THAT small...

My of my... Got a fairy angry...


Day Y of Month X I beat up a girl, I thought small.

Episode 3 - Rquo

He's not here either... Where is my husband? Where did he go... sniff.

Hey there small one! You're even smaller than me A runt... a runt...

You calling me a runt? I may be smaller than you... But I'm hardworking...

Hardworking? OK, you work for me then... Be my servant!


Day Y of Month X Got another Magic Gem. Come back!!

Episode 4 - Rald

Where am I? I think I'm lost... Where is my honey.... sniff.

Who are you? I'm not your honey... Name's Rald.

Oh sorry Rald... Have you seen... Seen Mr. Imitation around here?

Mr. Imitation? That Mr. Imitation who detests science? I have nothing to say to you!


Day Y of Month X Dear husband... I also hate science.

Episode 5 - Pearl

Phew... So many people here... Difficult to find my husband...

Dearl! Dearl! That creature over there... Can't you use it for medicine?

I heard that! How can you say that? I'm no herb! I'm a fairy!

Well, some medicine is made using parts of living creatures... Right, Dearl? A fairy? Can make a magic potion from one... Hmm......


Day Y of Month X If I had a magic drug, I'd be big.

Episode 6 - By

I'm lost in the woods I'm scared... Honey come to my aid!

Bobi bi bobibi (A fairy! How rare ... Seems to be looking for something)

It seems to be saying something... Or am I imagining things... But it sure looks like it is... hmm.

Bobibi bobobibi (That Magic Gem... Give that here!)


Day Y of Month X If I understood animal talk...

Episode 7 - Peridot

Eerie place, this is... Gives me the shivers... Dear husband... help...

Who have we here? Welcome to Peridot's mansion But who invited you?

I'm very sorry... I'm on my way out of here... Don't hurt me please.

Well.... oh yes! Gimme that Magic Gem... And I'll let you go out free...


If I were like that, my husband would hate me.

Episode 8 - Aqua

I'm lost again! I'm no good at directions... I always get lost... waaaa.

Wow! A real fairy! And a really cute one...

Sorry I surprised you I'm on my way out...

No stay! That dress of yours... Can I have it?


Day Y of Month X I want a new dress to be loved.

Episode 9 - Opa

My dear husband! Where are you? Can you hear me?

Hey! You cutie... you little beauty... Come date with me... hehe.

Date? Me? Oh no I can't..... I may be small but am already married.

How dare you! Giving me the elbow, are you? I'll teach you!


I miss my dear husband. I'm scared.

Episode 10 - Sapphire

Dear husband! I'm too scared to sleep alone! Where are you!

Shush! Scram! I hate noisy flies!

I'm so sorry... But I'm no fly... I'm C-mond and I'm a fairy.

Fairy, fly, no difference really... But wait! That's a Magic Gem! You leave that here!


Another day gone by without you. Where are you?

Episode 11 - Paz

I'm only looking for my dear husband... But my oh my.... I've collected 11 Magic Gems!

I heard that! Lucky me! Her gems and my one... The whole set... Yes!

I have no use for these... I just wanna meet my husband! Where are you dear?!

No use for them, eh? Then give them to me... Hand them over right now!


I now have the whole set of gems I have a plan.


"... I lived happily ever after."

"My darling, oh my sweetheart" "Day# of Month# (Fair) Anniversary. I could marry my sweetheart"