By's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Bobibobibibabeebi (You there! Gimme your Magic Gem!)

Huh? What have we here? You've got long ears for a bear What are you? A kind of dog?

Bibababibubebebiba (I'm what I am! I'm no bear or dog!)

Aw, be quiet! You hungry or something? You a horse... pig?


Should've just handed me the gem. It wouldn't hurt.

Episode 2 - Rquo

Bobi? Bibobyan (A girl like this... carrying a Magic Gem?)

What are you? What do you want?

Bobyabubebibibyan (Trying to look tough I don't think so)

You making fun of me? You raccoon! Be nice!


I'm no raccoon! You're the one who's rude!

Episode 3 - C-Mond

Bibibubobububobo (A fairy! Gimme your Magic Gem!)

Wow! A huge rabbit! Now now... What can I do for you?

Bibibubobobubi (A language barrier... That's too bad)

Want a carrot? My dear husband... He said rabbits like carrots.


I'll take both... The carrot and the Magic Gem.

Episode 4 - Rald

Bobeebibubobobebe (That gem on your tie-pin Give it to me)

Never seen anything like this before Seems to be talking... Need a translator heh heh...

Bobibubibi-bi-bi (What's he mumbling about?)

Or maybe it's a toy... If so... what technology! Gotta dissect it and study it!


Bobubebi-bubo-bo (Magic Gems... Just not for kids)

Episode 5 - Aqua

Bo-bo Bibobibi (Hey girl See any Magic Gems around?)

What have we here? A sales promotional stunt? Maybe for a clothing store?

Bibi! Bobabibebi! (Hey! That's ticklish! I'm no stuffed animal!)

A costume... I have no costumes Can I have your costume?


You asked for it! (Calling me a stuffed animal)

Episode 6 - Pearl

Bibubobibibobibi (Twins... I have a bad feeling...)

Dearl! Dearl! Look here! See? That thing... It's so cute...

Bu..... Bobubobi? (Huh... you think so?)

Lets catch it Use it as our mascot Great for publicity.


This place... No humans here...

Episode 7 - Opa

Bobubebobibubibi (Old man... Magic Gems Where can I find them?)

Ho ho ho, look at you Wait... You're no ordinary pet...

Bobi! Bo bobubi? (What! You know my identity?)

A rabbit with a Magic Gem No many of you around.


Bobubabubibibubi! (Phew... I thought he figured out)

Episode 8 - Thyst

Bibu... Bobobibobubu! (Shyst... I'm your dad!)

Huh? Want something from me? You don't scare me.

Babibabibubeebobi! (I need the Magic Gems... To become human again!)

No don't come near! Go away... please Just go away...


(I feel rotten... She's my own daughter...)

Episode 9 - Peridot

Bobibubebeebibin (Ribin!? You must be Ribin!)

Cool A cute rabbit Wonder where he came from.

Bibinbobibabyu (She's lost her memory Of her childhood-sigh)

My name's Peridot You crying? Your eyes are red..


( My own name... I can't remember it...)

Episode 10 - Sapphire

Babibiya... Bobubobi (Sapphire! It's you! You turned me into this!)

Be quiet! Don't bother me! Go away weird rabbit!

Bobubibababebabebi (Just turn me back... Into a human again!)

Don't look at me like that! Get outa my sight! ......... disappear!


(Forgot her own dad... What a child...)

Episode 11 - Paz

Bobibeba-bubobo! (So you're Paz!)

An animal here? Go back to where you came from I have no time for you.

Bobibobubebobibin! (It's your fault... You made Sapphire into a sorceress!)

What am I doing... Talking to an animal... I'll just chase it away.


(That was close.. Now I can be human again)


"... I returned to the forest."

"Even if I came back as a human again, our family cannot win." 'I'd have been happier as a beast.'