Aqua's story (PSX)

intro | Garnet | Thyst | C-Mond | Rald | Pearl | By
Peridot | Sapphire | Opa | Paz | Rquo | Patrako
victory | ending 1 | ending 2 | bad ending


Instead of collecting 12 secret stones...
I'd like to collect clothes. ♪

Vs. Garnet

I really feel cooled by the sea breeze. Hey, you! Over there!

Young lady, do you wish to argue with me/

Oh no, I just want your clothes and secret stone.

Don't be selfish, let's have a match...

Vs. Thyst

The fragrance of the garden flowers is very nice. Hey you! Just a minute!

What do you want?

Can I have your clothes and secret stone?

Don't be silly, this is most important to me.

Vs. C-Mond

Oh, I see a fairy flying. Hey Fairy!

Yes? Are you speaking to me? I'm a fairy called C-mond, what do you want?

I want your clothes and secret stone. Can I have them?

Clothes? No you can't have them. Don't tease me.

Vs. Rald

I'm happy. You're a true genious. By the way...

What are you talking about? What are you looking for? This secret stone?

Yes, that's right. I want your jersey and secret stone. Can I have them?

No, but if you really want them, let's have a match...

Vs. Pearl

I've heard there is a pharmacy that sells secret stones.

Hey, how about a special potion good for your diet?

I rather your clothes and secret stone, not medicine.

These clothes are symbolic of pharmacists. Just leave and go back home, young lady.

Vs. By

Oh, I have lost my way. But I don't care.


Give me that costume and secret stone.

No way.

Vs. Peridot

I heard the landlord has a secret stone hidden here.

Come on in. Are you alone little girl?

You look great. Give me your clothes and secret stone.

No you can't have them, unless you beat me.

Vs. Sapphire

It's getting dark. Good evening.

You don't need to be so formal. I'm Sapphire.

Are you giving me the clothes and secret stone?

No! Get out of here.

Vs. Opa

Where am I? Is anyone here?

Come on, let's have some fun.

No, no! I want your secret stone.

You want it? You can't have it for nothing.

Vs. Paz

Hey there young man! I want your secret stone.

I don't have any secret stones.

You're lying, I know you're hiding one.

Don't be silly we are friends.

Vs. Rquo

This is the station. What a crowd! Hey there little pixie...

Don't be so rude.

Oh, you have a secret stone. Can I have it?

You're not listenting to me. Beat it.

Vs. Patrako

I'm Patrako, I'll join the match.

Why did you suddenly join? What's the matter?

I just want a secret stone.

This secret stone is as important to me as clothes.


Aqua got the secret stone happily.

Final stone

I'm happy. I got the last secret stone.

Ending 1

My intention is to collect clothes from all over the world. ♪

I'm happy ♫ These clothes are all mine ♥

Ending 2

That's right, if we open a store, I can have enough clothes. ♪

What a great deal, this is my clothes store. ♥

Bad Ending

Yahoo!. I have collected so many clothes.

Oh no! It's not nice.