Aqua's story (Arcade)

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Episode 1 - Garnet

Haven't been out for a while... Feels nice... That child! What's he wearing??

Lady, wassup? If you want some snacks from me... I ain't got any, sorry... hehe.

No dear child... It's your clothes... They're so out of fashion...

What're you talking about? Aha! I get it! You wanna have a match with me...


Well, yes... but you're no match! The Gems, please!

Episode 2 - Thyst

Hey you! Yes you! Wait up!

You mean me? What is it? Who are you?

Aqua's my name... Your clothes... Can I have them?

My clothes? Why would you want my clothes?


It's that gem on your dress. It's the Magic Gem!

Episode 3 - Rquo

This place is lively and nice... Look at all these people... What beautiful clothes they wear?

You out of your mind? Everyone wears close... Nothing special, really...

I guess you're right... Your clothes... Can I have them?

You are out of your mind... That gem on your forehead... Hand it over!


Hmm... These're too small for me Aha! Another gem.

Episode 4 - Rald

Thank you so much... Thanks for fixing my parasol You're a genius!

Well... I... It was really nothing... Hey! What're you doing?

I like your clothes.. Give them to me... I collect clothes...

No you don't! No way... Get your hands off me!


They're mine now. I'll add them to my collection!

Episode 5 - Pearl

I love the marketplace... Now where's the clothing store? Hmm... what do we have there?

You there! I have a remedy for any malady! Try it out and see!

Aha! I've heard about her... And the clothes she wears... A very peculiar design indeed.

Help! Dearl! A pervert! Trying to undress me! Help!.................. Let go of my sister!


My lucky day! None like these in my collection!

Episode 6 - C-Mond

What do you know? A fairy! And those clothes... I must have them!

Hello there. My name's C-mond. Mrs. C-mond Imitation

A well-mannered fairy... And really cute... And you're dress is so nice...

Thanks! You're making me blush... Wha.... Help! Dear Husband! Help!


I'm really lucky. I've gotten myself a fairy's dress...

Episode 7 - By

Mmm air so clean here... But where is this? Oh, excuse me? Can you talk?

Bobibobibubibo? (You talking to me?)

This is something else! Never seen clothes like that! Just what I want!

Bobi! Bobibibabiba! (Hey! Stop! I'm no doll, you know!)


This's just great Hey, you inside! You can come out!

Episode 8 - Peridot

Where could this be? An antique shop maybe? That's just opened up?

Hello there.. Hmm... never seen you around Are you new here?

Your dress... It's so sexy... Can I have it?

Well... If you win against me... I'll think about it...


Ah! It's mine now This sexy dress.. with a Magic Gem!

Episode 9 - Opa

Wait up! You there! Yes you, old man.

Me? You sure? You wanna date me? Haven't had a date in decades... hehe.

No, no... Your clothes are so corny And you're not my type anyway.

What? Corny? My clothes? These elegant clothes? You need a lesson!


You're hopeless. I should give you a mirror.

Episode 10 - Sapphire

The moon's beautiful tonight... Lovely night... Huh! Who goes there?

I'm Sapphire! Those Magic Gems... Hand them to me!

You got one too! However, what I want... Are your clothes.

You don't get it! Do you? Guess I'll have to use force!


Another set of clothes! To add to my collection!

Episode 11 - Paz

Long time no see... Shelito my brother... Your clothes... hmm.

You haven't changed... My Floryte... Go home...

Stop acting cold.. Always pretending to be cold... Just gimme your clothes...

That's enough! Not this time! Just go home!


My dear brother You really love me, don't you?


"... I have plenty of beautiful clothes."

"I want a lot of clothes. "I feel strange to see such a large wardrobe"