Future Beware


After running a lot and shooting things, Mega Man encounters Roll, wearing a totally stupid new outfit which will apparently allow her to battle alongside Mega Man, but it's all rather redundant, as after Proto Man pops up for a battle, Mega and Roll are sucked in the real world, the latter loses her armour on the journey. Yuuta and Akane wish to show them something "really spectacular", which is another of their festivals, Shichigosan, which involves lots of fancy dresses, toys, shops, and carrying things.


Back in the game world, Wily has left his stage to see what's taking so long, and sees the static screen, hoping it leads to the real world, but Proto Man stops him, saying he's meant to wait patiently in his stage (and thus causing one to wonder if the game events are real or just a set-up or CONFUSION MATRIX). Wily tells him of his plan to conquer Japan for his robot kingdom, and if he wants to help. Proto declines, so Wily knocks him down with his time-travel-enhanced Skullker and enters the real world with it, Proto Man holding onto the back.

Mega Man and crew are watching the fireworks, until a firework creates a sparkling Wily head in the air, which somehow threatens them all with robotic doom. They set to work on stopping him.


They find Proto Man in Yuuta's room before they converse with Dr. Light about the matter, after which they head off on Rush Jet to search the whole control for him, with no luck. On the bright side, Dr. Light repaired the time machine, so Mega Man and Roll head one year into the future to verify if Wily was up to something, noting they'll reappear in Yuuta's room. They blast off, and ...


Well, shit.

so 28 days later am i rite

Roll verifies that this is definitely the same place, so something certainly went sour during that year. A shadow dawns over them, and they see an island floating in the air, containing all of what was apparently destroyed below. Mega Man and Rush go to investigate while Roll is told to stay in the time machine, and it's not too long before they find Wily, who then sends a bunch of robotic buildings and Robot Masters after him. It's too many for him to deal with, so he flies back to the time machine and returns to the past, despite Roll's suggestion for him to beat Wily first.

After relaying this info onto the others, they travel one month into the future, and nothing's changed aside from the Kobayashi family taking part in some holiday involving appreciating the moon. Some clouds block the moon and a high wind occurs, and they go inside and see a report about a typhoon, which Mega Man believes is Wily's doing, but Yuuta just tells him that it's nothing to be worried about. Just to be certain, they travel another month into the future and ask Yuuta about it, but the answer is delayed by them having to go to an athletic competition.

At the competition, Mega Man receives a message from Dr. Light, telling him of Wily's typhoon robot which is causing all of them, so Mega Man runs off with one of the giant fans used by the cheerleaders, and also gets himself a weapon from Light that'll blow it away. They travel back before the typhoon arrived at the area to take care of it, but Roll is stupid and tries to assist by flying the time machine around it, only to get blown onto the beach and having the time machine destroyed. Mega Man thwarts the typhoon before checking on Roll, who says some rubbish about a kimono and Akane, which translate to "beat Wily for me" in Mega's ears.

Roll gets her kimono and Wily creates the "largest typhoon in history", so Proto Man, Rush, Beat and Eddie all plan to help out. Proto Man creates a path with the fan weapon for Mega Man to fly in on Beat, but the wind is too strong and knocks them onto land.


They're on the island in the sky that they saw in the future, although it's still being built. They take care of several bad guys, and enter the base to dispose of Crystal Man and Gyro Man, but fail in destroying Wily's typhoon robot.


For some reason, after blasting him once, they're outside and with no base in sight, and the typhoon robot has no struggle in kicking Mega Man's ass all over the place, but before it can push him off a cliff, Proto Man appears and suggests using his fan weapon and Mega's buster at the same time. That works pretty well, as the robot explodes and causes Wily to nearly fall off the island, although they catch him before he becomes a pancake with a mustache.

Yuuta and Akane wonder where Mega Man is, and Roll answers by saying he's making Wily make up for his bad deeds. And what's his punishment? Why, being Santa Claus and dropping presents over Japan, of course. The hilarity!

In one of the shots of the Robot Masters chasing after Mega Man, Elec Man and Guts Man are among them.

In the middle is Elec and left from Stone Man is Gutsy. This is interesting, as they're the only Robot Masters not from Mega Man 5 in the series, and they don't appear in the close-up shots (except for Elec Man in a later part of the episode)


A reporter seems to be very delighted at their eventual death.