Wishing Upon A Star


Mega Man has got onboard Wily's space station and just totalled Gravity Man and bunch of Sniper Joes. Just when you think this can be typical Mega Man antics with no reality thrown in, bam bitch, Yuuta's playing it and it's New Years day, where Akane's attempts at wrestling the controller from him results in Mega Man nearly getting toasted. Their fighting results in the NES being shaken about a lot, which for whatever reason causes Mega Man to be sent out into the real world again.


Wily is saddened by Mega Man's disappearance, and is suddenly teleported to Dr. Light's laboratory, where Light and Roll are working on "something spectacular". He renders them unconscious with knock-out gas (it effects both humans and robots, apparently), and discovers that they were working on a time machine! Roll wakes up and tries to stop him, only to be knocked out again and accidentally activating the machine, hurtling them through time.


Meanwhile, Mega Man is being educated on the Japanese New Years and otoshidama, only to hear a crash and see Roll and Wily, the latter of them celebrating having left the game world before making off with the time machine to conquer Japan. Mega Man goes to Dr. Light about this, who actually has to explain that Wily is up to no good for his typical reasons of revenge.

Roll wakes up and finds her hands chained, so can't really do much more but listen to Wily's plan of going back to the time of dinosaurs, sending the meteorites that killed the dinosaurs into the future above Japan and conquering what remains.

Akane, Yuuta and Mega Man watch the celebrations on TV, only for Wily and his giant robot to show up, so the blue bomber arrives on the scene, but seeing that Roll is hostage, he doesn't attack the robot and neither does it; Wily sends a meteor on him as a demonstration for things to come, and vanishes. Dr. Light can't leave it at that, and provides him with glasses that can view the time tunnel that the time machine made upon leaving, as well as a board to surf along it. And in he goes.

After laughing over Mega Man and his dumbness, Wily makes a pit stop on March 3, Girls' Day, and pinches some snacks before being warned that Mega Man is after him. After Roll attempts to choke him with her chains, he opens the back window and throws her out and heads over to Children's Day, which is where Mega Man and Roll land after colliding with each other.

They land safely, thanks to the Koinobori, and Proto Man, Rush, Eddie and Beat pop out of the game world for a brief hello and encouraging. They then discuss with Dr. Light that Wily will be attacking on July 7th, Tanabata, but neither Mega Man nor Rush have enough power to attack him, so in the two months time until then, they prepare Rush for space travel.

The day arrives, where Mega Man is told that Tanabata involves writing your wish on a piece of paper hanging it on a branch and wishing to the stars; and in a moment of gratitude, Akane and several other kids all wished for Mega Man to stop Wily and save Japan. Aw. Proto Man informs him that Rush's upgrade is finished, so they can set to work any time now.


The four of them, Mega, Proto, Beat and Rush, blast into space and are attacked by meteorite robots, which they start destroying before they can reach Japan; a news reporter goes rather crazy in rooting on the lot of them. Proto Man and Beat stick about out there to take care of the meteorites while Mega Man and Rush head onwards to stop Wily.


The giant robot is cumbersome and cannot punch Mega Man, and its attempts at grabbing him with the extending fist don't go well, but Wily manages to catch him after damaging Rush with a bomb. Mega has trouble finding a weak spot, until he notices that when the fists are extended, the sockets are vulnerable, so he blasts those and then one of the bombs on its belts, causing the robot and the space station to start exploding.

Mega Man returns back to Earth with Wily and the others, keeping him in the time machine to lessen his worries about burning up in the atmosphere, but it doesn't stop them entirely, even though they return safely. Mega Man says goodbye to the Kobayashi family again, noting that the Japanese keep their old traditions and learn many things from them, and the usual end-of-episode moral lesson.

Despite talking in the first episode, Rush just barks and whimpers in this one.


Some of the Mega Man 5 Robot Masters appear while working on Wily's space station.


So seriously, what did Wily need the time machine for? He definitely said something about sending meteors forward in time, but at the last battle he calls them "meteorite robots". In that case, why did he need to send them forward in time if he could just build them, and considering the only robotic part of them were their boosters, why didn't he just have a cannon to shoot them from?


The DVD calls this "Wish Upon A Star". It's "Wishing".