Appearance in Japan


After a fancy little intro involving Mega Man beating the asses of the Mega Man 5 Robot Masters, as well as getting his own beat, we then see the two kids who'll be dominating this series: Yuuta Kobayashi, your typical little Japanese boy, complete with hair and a forehead that look like they were stripped from a Dragon Ball Z character, as well as Akane, his little sister. Yuuta's a big Mega Man fag, plays the latest game every single day, and is about to beat Star Man when




Yuuta's mother tells him to do his homework before he goes to bed, and he reluctantly obliges. He finishes almost two hours later, and ignores going to bed to continue his game, what with the fact he didn't turn it off. He manages to get up to the final Wily fortress, but falls asleep before he can finish him.


We then travel to INSIDE THE GAME where Wily vents his rage at an immobile Mega Man (despite falling asleep, he had the foresight to pause first, apparently), and complains that even if he did use this opportunity to escape, he'd just be caught. So that's why he enters the real world via the television screen, and makes an escape through the window before Mega Man can give chase, who has now summoned Rush despite still being paused. Morning comes, and the first thing Yuuta does is continue playing.

Our two game heroes leap through the TV and promptly crash into a wall, and the three of them (yeah, even Rush) have an awkward conversation of what happened. Akane wakes up and is quite happy about seeing her obsessive brother's heroes in reality, while the parents walk in and seem to take the fact that characters came out of a video game in stride. Mega Man explains all about Dr. Wily and his crazy schemes, claiming he's out there getting materials for his robots, while Yuuta states he wants to tag along, what with him being the one who caused Wily's escape. His parents don't allow him, and let the dad show Mega Man about Tokyo via the trains.


EDUCATION: Despite being a small country, Japan's big businesses are located in the cities, so trains are required to reach there from all over the world.

Mega Man just uses Rush Jet instead, where we're informed about the differences in where the driver's side of a car is located, they watch people eating hamburgers, and then hear a news report about "an amusement park" being taken over by robots. Since the news report was too vague to actually tell them the park's name or where it was, they ask a police man, who provides no assistance at all, and they magically know where it is because of that.

We finally get to see some action, where Mega Man destroys a bunch of robots with absolutely no struggle or sense of danger at all. Wily, who's sitting in a ferris wheel, moves to the next plan: Getting all of his robots to stand on each other until they fuse into a giant Samurai Man. Mega Man uses Power Stone and Star Crush, and both abilities do a total of jack shit, resulting in him using all his weapon energy, so he makes an exit back to the school, which he somehow knows the location to.

Yuuta is in class and therefore can't get some energy for him from the game world, so our heroes resort to sitting on the building and taking note that soccer and baseball are the popular sports. A world of difference from the United States! Samurai Man shows up again, where Mega Man shoos away the kids and defeats Wily with a football, of all things, as it punctures his robot and causes all the robots to fall out. A minor setback, Wily claims, as he dons a ninja suit and escapes with the assistance of a smoke bomb, which causes Mega Man to faint.


The kids at school try to give him their lunch to wake him up, where we learn all Japanese kids eat the same lunch at the same time at the same place. Silly kids, Mega Man needs an Energy Can. After we learn about Cram school, they get back and summon Eddie to provide some energy refills, who also rambles a frigging book about whatever he's on about. Mega Man, Rush and Yuuta then go in search of Wily, and plan to search all of Japan for him.

And now there's a four minute segment where absolutely nothing exciting happens at all:

And they then realise Wily is in Mt. Fuji, so while they fly over there, we hear of Wily's plan for Japan to be conquered by his robots and blah blah blah.

A hole explodes from the mountain, spraying lava and Magma Men, as well as knocking Mega Man and Yuuta into a forest. Mega uses Water Wave to fight the robots, but he doesn't seem to have the intelligence to quench the ring of fire that surrounds them shortly afterwards, so Akane summons Proto Man and Beat to help them out. They take care of the robots and allow Mega Man to blast through the fire and climb the mountain.

He barges in, defeats all four incarnations of Dark Man, and then upon finding Wily and with the assistance of Proto Man and Beat, fights all of the Mega Man 5 Robot Masters, who all share the same tactic: Run at them without using any attacks at all and hope for the best. Wily tries to make an exit with a rocket, only for Yuuta, Rush and Akane to show up with the NES and attempt to get him back into the game world.


They're too late, and Wily has got away. Not too late for Proto Man, though, as he jumps on the rocket and turns it back into Mt. Fuji, sending all on the rocket back into the game world. They all return home and have dinner, where we get a cheap gag out of Mega Man's inability to use chopsticks, and they have a brief conversation about working together and Japan is great and yadda yadda before he returns to the game world.

Mega Man can't even call the country Japan in his speech about Dr. Wily at the beginning, but "this place called Japan".


What kinda fire needs a plasma cannon to put it out?