Mega Man (the American cartoon)


by Ragey



Season 1

The Beginning

Electric Nightmare

The Big Shake


20,000 Leaks Under The Sea

Robosaur Park

Incredible Shrinking Mega Man

The Mega Man in the Moon

Bot Transfer

Ice Age

Cold Steel

Future Shock

The Strange Island of Dr. Wily


Season 2

Terror of the Seven Seas

Mega Dreams


Showdown at Red Gulch

Night of the Living Monster Bots

Bro Bots

Master of Disaster

Curse of the Lion Men

Campus Commandos

Brain Bots

Bad Day at Peril Park

The Day The Moon Fell

Mega X

Crime of the Century


where can I watch this?

ADV Films has released two DVDs of the series in the US; A Hero is Born contains season 1, while Battle for the Future is season 2 and that one episode people say is from a discontinued season 3 but I think they're just talking crazy talk. The two sets have leapt in price significantly over the years, and those that have it haven't even been cool enough to torrent it or anything, so YouTube is probably your best bet for watching it if you don't want to lose an arm and a leg.

Fun fact! The box art you see everywhere for A Hero Is Born (and here too due to laziness) is actually the art used on the disc!

Amazon US: A Hero Is Born | Battle for the Future

Amazon UK: A Hero Is Born | Battle for the Future