Super Mario World


by Ragey



Fire Sale

The Wheel Thing

Send in the Clown

Ghosts 'R' Us

King Scoopa Koopa

The Night Before Cave Christmas

Born to Ride

Party Line

Gopher Bash

Rock TV

The Yoshi Shuffle

A Little Learning

Mama Luigi


where can I watch this?

Since the series is tied with the third season of Captain N and apparently requires both to be included on the same DVD or some bull honky I don't understand or care about, it took some time before a DVD was released. Australian company MRA Entertainment released them both as three volumes and a box set of those discs. The opening intros are only seen when choosing Play All, the ending credits are completely absent, and the video quality isn't as good as it could be, which is a bummer, but it's either that or watermarked YouTube videos. And YouTube Poops.

Then Shout! Factory released their own box set, featuring audio and imagery that wasn't remastered, wonky menus and two extras: Yoshi concept art and an animatic of the intro. Since it's not exclusive to one region, it's likely to be the better choice.

According to my minimal research, the US only got the Christmas episode on VHS, while the UK has all but the last two episodes on two tapes, The Wheel Thing and Other Adventures (first five episodes) and Born to Ride and Other Stories (following six episodes), but yeah, don't look at this as gospel truth.