F-ZERO ファルコン伝説
by Ragey



Legendary Start!!
LAP 02
Captain Falcon
LAP 03
Team Apprentice Lucy
LAP 04
Seeking Out Samurai Goroh!
LAP 05
Brilliant's Ruse
LAP 06
Kate Alen the Diva
LAP 07
Michael Chain's Trap
LAP 08
Mysterious Woman: Miss Killer
LAP 09
Jody's Secret
LAP 10
Roger & Draq
LAP 11
The Boy From Planet Heru
LAP 12
Black Shadow's Laugh
LAP 13
LAP 14
Iron Man Neelsen
LAP 15
Sniper Pico
LAP 16
Leave It To Super Arrow!
LAP 17
Ryu's Splendid Day Off
LAP 18
Clank's Adventure
LAP 19
Gomar & Shioh's Grand Operation
LAP 20
The Disappearance of Mrs. Arrow
LAP 21
The Hot Blooded Ladies' Battle!!
LAP 22
Ryu & Falcon
LAP 23
Gangway! Spin Booster!!
LAP 24
Octoman's Dream
LAP 25
Super Substance: Reactor Might!
LAP 26
Zoda's Ambition
LAP 27
Beast Hunter
LAP 28
Black Shadow's Invitation
LAP 29
Mighty Gazelle!
LAP 30
Only One Falcon
LAP 31
Traces Of You
LAP 32
Screams From The Darkness
LAP 33
James McCloud
LAP 34
Clank & Gazelle
LAP 35
Falcon's Confession
LAP 36
LAP 37
Shinigami: Jack Levin
LAP 38
Falcon's Crimson Flower
LAP 39
Galaxy Mobile Platoon: Disbanded!
LAP 40
Coffee Break
LAP 41
Annihilate Black Shadow!
LAP 42
Don Genie's Fortress
LAP 43
LAP 44
Black Shadow's Dream
LAP 45
LAP 46
The Man of Legend
LAP 47
LAP 48
The Dark Reactor
LAP 49
The 150 Year Duel
LAP 50
Black Shadow
The Legend of Falcon

where can I watch this?
The series was sold in Japan across 13 DVDs and VHS tapes containing 4 episodes each (bar volume 13, which had only 3). Do they contain special features? Who knows! You're lucky to find any information about what's actually on the discs. They retailed for around 4700 to 5000 Yen, and the resale value hasn't risen a great deal for most of the volumes, though it's still funny money to be paying for a measly four episodes. Could be worse, though!
4Kids' unfinished English dub of the series was broadcast only on television and their website for a short period, and never saw home release. Bitty home-recordings with massive watermarks are all that's available of them online as of this writing.

These episode recaps are based off the subs by Dreadopp and Zedopp, kindly uploaded on YouTube, which is currently the only complete translation of the series.