[Q] What is Random Action Hour?

There's the belief that it's simply about covering video game based cartoons and way too much Transformers (never too much of a good thing eh wot), but it originally started off with Galvatron's Street Fighter coverage, as none existed at all on the internet, and since only very basic coverage existed for Mega Man, I followed suit, with hopes from both of us that it'd get people interested in the show. Since you can actually watch both of the cartoons online now, I guess so!

And that's why I, personally, have more interest in covering more obscure not-video game stuff, as everyone knows a Double Dragon cartoon exists, but is it really worth watching, at all? On the contrary, have you ever heard of Funny Bones? The internet altogether barely knows of the show, and that's why I've more interest in covering it than Sonic X.


[Q] How long does it take to finish writing about an episode?

It varies. For me, it can take from an hour to three hours, depending on how much multi-tasking and side-tracking I do.


[Q] Why haven't you covered _____?

Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm is a frequently suggested series, and I wouldn't mind doing it since it's only thirteen episodes long, but there are several problems. Neither Galvatron or I know anything about the series (aside from Raiden being awesome), which goes against our non-existent policy of only covering something if we know a fair amount. Next is the fact that the DVD releases seem to be missing the thirteenth episode, and that's no good.

Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge is hideously expensive and doesn't have Anakaris talking to penguins. Screw that.

I'd like to cover a Sonic cartoon eventually, but the one I want most, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, has yet to reduce to a sensible price. The others are meh in comparison, and in the case of Sonic X, hasn't got all the episodes released.

Mega Man NT Warrior is a show I haven't watched, don't intend to, and hasn't got all the episodes released.

The other Mario cartoons, to my knowledge, haven't got all their episodes on DVD either.

Viewtiful Joe also lacks all the episodes, and I'm a dub-preferring man.

Of course, there's always the chance of at least one episode being covered in a One-Off, which I certainly wouldn't mind doing for some of them.


[Q] How did you manage to keep a daily update routine going for over a month?

Having a healthy backlog. :]


[Q] Where can I watch these for myself?

Thanks to the redesign, all the show pages contain info on that very question!


[Q] Why aren't you linking to the watchable episodes online?

Because that's what the How Do I Watch This section is all about. Support the damn industry! I won't record crap for you.