Jack Tenrec (David Keeley) - old-blood mechanic, follower of the Machinatio Vitae and overall hardass. Jack's main goal in life is to make sure humanity treats the environment and its occupants with respect, which results in plenty of run-ins with violent poachers, corrupt politicians, mad scientists and, on occasion, killer robots. In his spare time,

Wassoon Ambassador and self-proclaimed scientist (though good luck actually seeing her do anything scientific), Hannah Dundee (Susan Roman) effectively serves as Jack's partner, supplying a level-headed opinion to his often outlandish ideas. As ambassador, she oversees all of governor Scharnhorst's plans, but her words of wisdom do nothing to deter the woman's ambition until Jack inevitably steps in. She and Jack have some degree of respect and/or affection for each other, but often they're too busy being snarky for it to go anywhere.

Mustapha Cairo (Bruce Tubbe) is a close compadre of Jack, always there to help him out on whatever scheme he has, even if it does mean getting nearly eaten by rampant sea monsters or being ditched in the middle of the jungle. That doesn't mean he can't be dubious of Jack's preposterous ideas, but he's an invaluable ally to all in need.

Absences: Mind Over Matter, Remembrance, Departure, Duel

Kirgo (David Fox) serves as the City in the Sea's ferryman, stocking the city with fresh water and transporting folk to the mainland and back. When he's not doing that, he hangs out with Jack and, as usual, assists him in his various projects. Not exactly the best worker, but still a pleasant, helpful guy.

Appearances: Dino Drive, Siege, Survival, It Only Comes Out At Night, Departure

Given he's such an engineering superstar, Jack needs all the protection he can get - that's why he's got Hermes, his pet cutter who acts as an attack dog, burglar alarm and mechanic assistant. A dog-like beast who loves his master and is fiercely protective, though often a clumsy animal.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, Siege, Pursuit, Departure, Duel

Corrupt, power-hungry and uncaring of the balance of nature, Wilhelmina Scharnhorst (Dawn Greenhalgh) is one of the three governors of the City in the Sea. Her lust for technological progress and distaste for Jack's hardass nature-freak ways often pit her against the mechanic, even going so far as to hire Hammer Terhune and his thugs to do her dirty work. Despite her callous nature, she only wants the best for the city and knows when to respect Tenrec.

Absences: Siege, Wild Child, Duel

Dahlgren (Kristina Nicoll) acts as the voice of reason to the governors, and her governing style is said to have been heavily influenced by the teachings of Jack. She's got a bad habit of flirting with the man.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, Survival, It Only Comes Out At Night, Pursuit,

Toulouse (Philip Williams) is the public relations man of the governors, and his concerns all lie on the morale and attitude of the public regarding potential problems. Although he means well, he's a bit of a klutz and clearly isn't used to the outdoors lifestyle Jack and his friends lead.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, It Only Comes Out At Night, Pursuit

Captain of the city guard, Noc (Dan Dickinson) is one of many people who has a hate-on for Jack after he blew the whistle on his black market antics, and tries his darndest to have the man put away. His competence is something else, though, and Scharnhorst is often left to do the tasks he's too chicken to perform.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, Mind Over Matter, It Only Comes Out At Night, Pursuit, Departure

Fessenden (John Stocker) is your typical mad scientist - kooky looking, passionate about his work and all the social graces of a leech. If Scharnhorst needs use of a new technological apparatus, you know the professor will be tagging along to operate it, though once you take his toys away he's no more than a cowardly, weak little goober. He doesn't seem to bear much ill will towards Jack, at least when he isn't trying to stop his latest mechanical monstrosity.

Appearances: Death Ray, Mind Over Matter, Remembrance

Hammer Terhune (Tedd Dillon) is a burly, no-nonsense poacher who's always looking out for number one, and a substantial profit on the side if possible. Apparently solely dedicated to making Jack's life a misery, he'll do everything he can to try and rob him, beat him up or just be a total jerk to him, though every single time karma comes back to bite him in the ass. Although frequently hired by Scharnhost, holds no respect for the governor unless she's handing over weaponry. Has a pretty kickass motorcycle.

Absences: Mind Over Matter, Survival, It Only Comes Out At Night, Departure

Wrench (Colin O'Meara) and Vice Terhune (Frank Pellegrino) are Hammer's younger brothers who accompany him wherever he goes. Also sharing his love of fighting, rewards and being thuggish jerks, they lack their brother's charisma and consistently chicken out when things get ever so slightly intimidating. For reference, Wrench is the one with the headband while Vice has the ponytail.

Absences: Mind Over Matter, Survival, It Only Comes Out At Night, Departure

One of the younger members of Hammer's troupe, Mikla (Lenore Zann) is the sole female. Outside of her highlight episode where she masquerades as a traitor to get into Jack's good books, she doesn't really do an awful lot. She's probably one of the few people who can actually kick ass to a moderate degree with only a pair of bolas.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, Siege

The Grith are a species of hominid lizard men who reside beneath the earth in caves, living in close contact with the nature around them. Hobb (Don Francks) serves as Jack's communication with the race due to his telepathy skills, and is always there when the mechanic is having environmental dilemmas.

Appearances: Rogue, Dino Drive, Death Ray, Wild Child, Duel