Dino Drive


It's a lazy day in the vast dry lands of 26th century Earth, and the mack are grazing peacefully, being more than a match for any creature that feels like starting trouble with them.


 However, the ground begins trembling and breaking as a volcano erupts! Startled, the mack herd begin stampeding, drawing the attention of the Grith in a nearby cave...

... who witness them marching straight towards an old farmhouse! The occupants manage to see them and hightail it out of there before the entire place is crushed underfoot, leaving nought but wreckage and rubble where it once stood.


The next day in the City in the Sea, Scharnhorst is holding a meeting with the other governors regarding the recent dinosaur threat. Jack Tenrec, naturally, invites himself in and demands to know what she plans to do with the mack, as he knows he won't approve of it. She plans to decimate their population and save humanity the hassle of coping with them, but Jack reminds them all that everything exists for a reason - the mack are there to fend off the cutters, and without them they'll feast on the city's cattle. Scharnhorst states they'll post guards to fend them off...


But even with guards, the mack devour the weeds that suffocate their crops, and without their crops the population will starve. Scharnhorst retorts again, claiming they'll poison the weeds, but that also means they'll be contaminating their own crops. Governors Dahlgren and Toulouse vote in favour of Jack's idea, though Scharnhorst gives him a mere three days to solve the problem before she moves ahead with her plan, though she finds the thought of him succeeding laughable.


Jack returns to his garage as he, Mustapha and Kirgo get contemplating how to solve the mack issue. They can't evacuate the settlers as that only means the creatures will munch every last one of their crops, so Jack suggests an outrageous idea - they're going to move the mack. Mustapha and Kirgo are naturally dubious, but he hopes to herd them with his Cadillacs and move them to safe ground.


Hannah backs up his plan, as after some research she found out that merchants herded their cows to market back in the days of the ancients. Kirgo is aware of cattle herders, but he believes they were "cow punchers" and used boxing gloves to knock the stuffing out of them, though he's unsure how they rode horses with them on.


Jack is aware of how cattle and mack have a good size difference between them, but the creatures have sensitive ears, so armed with his Cadillacs, their loud horns and with Hermes at his side, he believes there's a good chance of this plan working.


The group plan to head out with two Cadillacs and a truck, only for governor Toulouse to appear - he wants to represent the council in the field during this crisis of public safety, and is given a Cadillac of his own to commandeer, only to reverse it straight into a wall. He's forced to share a car with Mustapha.

They follow the tracks to discover the mack chowing down on the crops, so they begin to set their plan into motion, rounding them up and directing them in the same direction. And for a first try, it fares pretty well! The plan goes smoothly and they're rounded up with relative ease.

However, Hammer Terhoun and his cronies are watching them from afar, and he's got plans to murder Jack and make a trophy out of his carcass. However, Hermes notices the glint of their binoculars in the sunlight, and the group are aware that there's bound to be trouble ahead. The poachers move out, hoping to intercept them from within the dust cloud...


But that's not dust from a mack stampede...




They'd actually been following Kirgo's truck with a bunch of tracks trailing behind it, which he then cuts off to knock down the bikers. Hammer manages to get by unscathed...


But Jack sorts that out with a projectile net launcher. Hammer is not a happy bunny.


Having herded the mack into a valley, Mustapha and Toulouse worry that the poachers will eventually startle the herd into becoming violent, but one of the mack is already moody and about to trample them down! The two evacuate as the car is knocked over and stamped upon, though they gather safely into Jack's car. They comment that old mack is a stubborn one, but it also has a good way of commanding the herd and is currently leading them the way they want them to go.

Back at the council, Scharnhorst is informed of Jack's progress and she does not approve. She orders her troops to be armed so they can march out at night.


The mack are eventually herded to the river by sunset and Jack has the rest of the journey planned out. It'll lead the creatures somewhere safe and the poachers are unlikely to follow them that far, but it also takes them dangerously close to an old mining town; miners work with dangerous equipment and are reluctant to evacuate, so they worry things could get messy there. Kirgo cooks them all candied cactus, though they pass on the offer.


Hammer and his crew plan to attack them at midnight, but Scharnhorst interrupts - she wants those mack to stampede at the mining town. A lot of people will be killed or injury, but more importantly, anger at Tenrec! Presenting them with a box of dynamite, they can cause the stampede, kill Jack, strip the mack for ivory, and Scharnhorst believes she'll be hailed as a hero. The two groups agree to the plan.


In the morning, Jack and company are back to herding the mack to their new habitat. Mustapha and Kirgo are glad they aren't doing this for a living, while Jack gets on the bad side of the grumpy old mack, but only suffers a busted taillight for his troubles.


Hammer isn't too far, waiting in ambush so they can not only obscure Jack's vision with smoke grenades, but also so they can blow up a huge rock and dump it on top of him, though he and Mikla have an argument over how Jack's name is spelt. As soon as the convoy reaches the valley, they blow up the huge rock structure...


... its debris now partially blocking their way. It doesn't harm any of them, but the mack become startled and veer off-course, now stampeding towards the mining town! They're refusing to be herded back in the original direction and Jack's Cadillac is being pelted with smoke grenades, so after letting Hannah commandeer his car, he does something remarkably crazy...


By hopping onto the mack's head, causing it to veer in his direction, the herd following suit, successfully taking them back on course! Jack gets back in his car, but Hammer is still hot on his tail on his motorcycle.


Clearly not in the mood for wasting time, Jack just backs up the car and jumps on him, knocking the stuffing out of him and stealing his bike. Not a shining moment for the series' resident nemesis. Vice and Wrench still plan to sniper Jack from afar...


But Hermes has that covered, spooking them off before they can do anything. Jack borrows the dynamite in Hammer's bike and uses it to demolish the rest of his gang's vehicles by blowing up a rock, but gets swept beneath the rubble in the process. After thirty seconds of drama, he's unearthed with barely a scratch, much to Hermes' delight.


Come sunset, the mack herd is finally shifted to their new home in the valleys. Toulouse is impressed at Tenrec's work, surprised that such a feat could even be accomplished, and gives him thanks on behalf of the council for protecting the settlements. The old mack, meanwhile, gives him a farewell roar, clearly in gratitude for its new home.

Written by Herbert J. Wright. He was mostly a producer for various sci-fi shows, including this show, and wrote episodes for more or less everything, from Star Trek to War of the Worlds to Flipper. He was totally butt buddies with Gene Roddenberry.


The series generally implies that although Hammer is strong, Jack is much smarter than him and therefore beats him with his wits. However, Jack just knocks his ass flat at the end with no real situational advantage, which is a pretty poor showing for Hammer, though if you want to throw around excuses, most of the fight is obscured by the stampeding mack anyway.


Those frames immediately follow each other. There's no animation for it breaking, it's just BOOM - broken! Mind you, the rest of the animation in the episode is pretty great so I can excuse it.


Yes, ignoring the candied cactus scene, Kirgo wears the boxing gloves for the entire episode.