Cadillacs And Dinosaurs


by Ragey


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Episode 01: Rogue

A shivat has begun attacking protected settlements, and is Jack to blame?

Episode 02: Dino Drive

Stampeding macks are an issue and no one knows what to do. Also, cow punching.

Episode 03: Death Ray

Dr. Fessenden tries to gain control of a laser-firing satellite. Hammer follows suit.


Episode 04: Siege

Is it true? Has one of Hammer's henchmen turned over a new leaf? What are the chances of that, eh?

Episode 05: Wild Child

Hannah finds a child raised by the Grith and attempts to introduce it to modern society.

Episode 06: Mind Over Matter

Scharnhorst begins a mysterious digging operation, with sinister intentions, no less.


Episode 07: Survival

The moles uncover poisonous waste, dooming the city's residents unless Jack can find a cure.

Episode 08: It Only Comes Out At Night

A creature eats Jack's friend, but everyone thinks he's just crazy.

Episode 09: Remembrance

Jack and Hannah uncover an android from hundreds of years ago. No, seriously.


Episode 10: Pursuit

Jack is convicted of stealing city property and becomes the target of a deadly bounty hunter.

Episode 11: Departure

Hannah, believing she isn't appreciated, heads back to Wassoon, only to get into trouble.

Episode 12: Duel

Jack meets an old mechanic friend, and afterwards becomes the subject of sabotage. What a coinkydink.


Episode 13: Wildfire

Hammer causes a wildfire and is forced to help Jack put it out. That can't end well.



where can I watch this?

From 1994 to 1998 a few VHS tapes were released, containing either two to three episodes on each of them; they're still around on Amazon for variable prices, some as low as $2 and some reaching up to $30.

The series has yet to get an official DVD release, presumably due to trademark hiccups with General Motors. Amazon offers (offered?) a Video On Demand service, charging $2 for each episode or $21 for the whole series; I can't verify the quality of the service, as it's blocked to anyone outside of the United States.