Kid Rhino ain't a bad company. Sure, I only own one of their DVDs, and only because there isn't a UK release of Beast Wars (despite the fact the sequel series Beast Machines is available. Get on the ball, UK publishers! >:U ), but the fact it's available at all is very nice. Plus, the extra features are actually good! Sure, it's only two interviews with the series writers, but they're well-made and interesting stuff, which is more than could be said about Metrodome's early Transformers releases, which had horribly presented spots on animation errors and a painfully boring look at a Transformers convention. No interaction, no sound (besides an endlessly looping version of the series' ending theme, which normally lasts for thirty seconds. you can imagine how fun that is), and no redeeming value. Sure, there's lots of extras, but I'd much prefer a few good bonus features than a plethora of junk.

Beast Wars: Season 1 DVD? Thumbs up. Excellent picture quality, a choice of sound options and it's a wonderfully presented set. I have no complaints whatsoever.

Well... except for one.

The rhino.

See, when the DVD starts you're treated to a mockery of your typical FBI warning copyright infringement death prison orifice violation screen, which is amusing enough. Okay, it's just a typical FBI warning copyright infringement death prison orifice violation screen except some guy has a moustache and glasses spray painted onto him, but the point stands that it's light-hearted and silly. Plus the music is kinda rad. In future, all typical FBI warning copyright infringement death prison orifice violation screens should use music of some variety.
But what follows afterward is just unpleasant.

There's the rhino. The Kid Rhino rhino.
Fist of all, who the hell does he think he is? Sure, being an upright anthropomorphic rhino is one thing, but what was he thinking when he got dressed in that ludicrous get-up? I mean, the ludicrous Elvis wig is one thing, but the leather jacket with gold zippers are just tacky. A rhino in an outfit normally associated with glamorous rock stars just conveys all kinds of weird messages. So, what, is our Kid Rhino fellow a musician with violence and drug problems? He'd probably need to be hopped up on goofballs to think wearing an ill-fitting jacket but no pants was a good idea. If you're trying to appear fashionable, don't go halfway, you lazy bastard.

Also, being one of Flash animation's many spawn, he walks and moves with all the grace of an articulated brick. See, trying to appear like a rock star when you're a rhino - even an anthropomorphic rhino - is just a doomed career choice from the start. At least, if you're going to be an old-fashioned rock star and be hopping and leaping around the stage and actually have dancing skills, which his garments seem to suggest. If he were one of these modern bands who just get on stage, play the instruments casually and then bugger off, I guess being a rhino would work out, but even then... there are so many complications.
Plus for some reason I'm really miffed by how he has human hands but rhino feet. I don't know why, it just really bugs me.

As if the rhino's merely existence wasn't frustrating enough, what he does next is just a pointless, unprovoked dick move.
He gestures in this apparently automated catapult (I could rant about how a wooden structure with only a single lever for firing its projectile somehow has the power to obey visual commands, but it's just cartoon logic!) and pours a variety of coloured paint into the firing hold. You'd expect him to do a typical pointless cartoon activity like spraying it at the wall, magically spelling the name with the splat... and while he does do that, it's against a different surface.


What an asshole.

Let's recap - he's a badly dressed, silly looking rhino who, for no reason at all, showers you in Technicolor paint for the purpose of supplying a publisher credit.
And you've got to endure this every time you start the DVD.
I believe there's only one fitting punishment for such assholery.





Embittered, me? Why, what makes you think that?