Since a Halo server we entered was incredibly boring, Galvatron and I decided to role play.

As husband and wife.

I'm serious. It started with me going "lets play house" and Galv replying "i'll be the dad" and there we were. A member of the opposite team was our child until he left, and Galvatron contemplated suicide by jumping off the bridge. We both fell off.

Two new opponents arrived, and thus started the feud.


 He wanted the children to fight to the death for his amusement, while I was trying to be a good parent and lure them to a friendly home with their flag.


And then entered Blaze (or Vaiz), finally with an internet connection non-crappy enough to actually play Halo, joined the family. I argued with Galv that he belonged to me until one of the other guys blew us up with a rocket launcher.


After various attempts to purify the children, Galvatron had enough of my shit and wanted a divorce and done stoled my wheels.


What looked like a moment where we could've bonded again turned into more drama, as well as some serious mistreatment of the child. You wonder where our priorities were when we can't remember when our frigging son/daughter/offspring moved in.


Meanwhile, the children insult their father and question his sexuality, while Galvatron demonstrates his view towards free choice.


Just as proof that the abuse wasn't all Galv's fault.


Increasing our skills as terrible parents, we started picking favourites. Radu was not among them.


But then again, neither was anyone else. Vaiz is the only one who was complimented.


Well, he asked for it. I mean, he only drove around in a tank and nothing else. Never left it. Even when it was covered in grenades. Silly pup.


I'm a positive mother figure. :]


Divorce and drama! Again.


Vaiz slit his wrists. Who gets the blame? Not himself. Kids can't make decisions in the law's eyes.


With Vaiz gone and Galvatron living with the children, it was him who decided to end it all. Harsh.

So with a missing husband, several dead or missing children and those who remained being total asses, what happened next? The kids became bigger wise asses, a second husband entered who didn't seem to realise he was one until half an hour later...


And lots and lots of questioning.

A disastrous end to a disastrous tale.