More bad taste warnings, for lots of mentions of things of the body!


So Galvatron and I (by the alias ShitPisser) came across some jerk called turtledude who felt the need to befriend Galv and target me in all his insults. The problem was, he tried way too hard, and his insults failed.

For example, take this paraphrased insult he said.

<turtledude> hey shitpisser your village called saying its gay man has disappeared

<ShitPisser> That's a shame.

<turtledude> [some comment I forgot that said I was the gay man]


As if that was bad enough, he said it a second time, except adding "better hurry back" to make it even more obvious, but didn't make it suck less. He claimed it was a new insult because he added that line to it. Heaps of originality.



Ever since the name change everyone has asked me this. Except without the "you have no wee wee" part. I replied to this with saying that insults claiming I'm gay and now a woman is truly ground breaking, but he said I was just gay and I cut off my dick. Makes sense HIDDEN SARCASM


And this crap went on and on. Everything I said he just had to make an unfunny and unimaginative comeback with, and if I made a comeback to that he replied to it quickly and snappily. Well, snappily by his standards. While all this went on, he and Galvatron shared lots of "lol"s and "ty"s together, which he later described as very homosexual. He even gave him an invitation to his server, "soul harvest", which was just too good to pass up on.


lolironry.jpg [sic]

With my presence, turtledude shifted his attention from getting it on with Galv to trying not to be on my team or trying to kill me. Despite the constant team shifting from all of us, he attempted to tell Galvatron the password of the server when he restarts it, and somehow managed to get it across to him without me seeing it. And before he closed the server, Galvatron killed him in an attempt to kill me, I killed Galvatron and then some guy called (SNK)Guy tried to kill me with a fuel rod.

turtledude's efforts went to waste, since his new butt buddy told me the password. "hog". We made elaborate plans for what to do, but it went to waste since the maximum player count was two. The Decepticon leader entered and presumably talked, and I told him to pretend to brb, giving me the opportunity to storm in.



oh wait it closed as soon as I entered. I tried again and same deal. OBVIOUSLY SOME TRICKERY. I wanted Galvatron to return and persuade him to go to a public server but he said we'd done enough. I reluctantly agreed.


And so he waits, hopefully never to see us again. Poor lad. Let's celebrate with unrelated bonus images intended to be used in two other volumes I never wrote!








lolarious don't you think