Obligatory Foreword isn't here today, but Good Taste Warning is.

HEY LOOK OUT: Some extreme swearing and lots of sexually immature slurs at the end so watch out for that tree :x


Upon entering, I saw this message. Could this server be full of people who were actually NICE to each other? =0


Apparently not.


They're just rubbing it in.


Then he left, but not without leaving us with another original and innovative insult.


The people here are very friendly.


Despite the fact P.I.M.P. left our world many moons ago, he still lives on in our hearts.


He sure takes losing very well.


And as you can see, he warns his team of incoming danger by elaborate and politically correct terms.


And here is another polite fellow providing constructive criticism towards one who defeated him in armed combat.


sl4y3r at the annual spelling competition.


Another quality insult from sl4y3r, but what's more notable is a popular British television icon being slaughtered. Surely this is a strange and demented place.


Another of sl4y3r's unimaginative insults was changed into HILARITY by the addition of "hop".

Thank you, P.I.M.P.


And here's Caboose again, providing consistent instructions to his allies.


And so, we won, while Caboose and sl4y3r bickered. And Mr. Bean died again. =(

But what followed on the score screen was ... entertaining. To say the least. Explicit could be a better term.


<sl4y3r> N00B GAME FUCKERS!

<Galvatron> yes

<Caboose> go

<sl4y3r> TANK ASS

F[SE]Dragon quit

<Galvatron> tanks ass

<SNIPERKILLR> hot mutha trucka

<sl4y3r> FUCK YA

<Galvatron> tank ass

<Galvatron> could you say that again please


<george B> i wanna get a dildo up my pussy


<sl4y3r> NO U SHUT UP

<george B> mo mine

<Galvatron> this is better than the real game



<george B> any of you wanna shove it up ther

<sl4y3r> YEAH :d

<Galvatron> olol

<george B> want me to moan


<sl4y3r> admin start the game fucka

<Galvatron> slayer keep talking yeah


<sl4y3r> WHY

<Galvatron> because we love i=ypu

<SNIPERKILLR> because you make us lol

<Galvatron> wuv

<sl4y3r> t

<sl4y3r> t

<sl4y3r> ttttttt

<sl4y3r> ttttttt

<sl4y3r> tttttt

<sl4y3r> ttttttt

<sl4y3r> ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

<Galvatron> u?

<sl4y3r> ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

sl4y3r quit

<Galvatron> damn it


And thus, just like P.I.M.P. before him, sl4y3r vanished unexpectedly, and we haven't seen him since. =(