Since Galvatron has gotten Halo (or to be more precise, a computer that can play Halo), I've been playing a bit more. However, this doesn't help that a lot of the servers we go too are crap.

We went to a server called "Warthog Wars-NO SHOOTING ALLOWED". I'd tried the bumper cars before, and it's rather fun, although very pointless, so I expected delight. What I found was people going about gunning each other, with a total of four warthogs. Fun!

However, this was brightened up by Samuel, a member of our team who had an unexplained hatred for an enemy, (UNRL)aHobo.


Baby's first words.


His next words were full of hate.


And he says why: He's a rich, snooty git. But we love him, don't we?


Ouch. Emotional pain and being crushed by a car pain.


More of the same.




Ho ho.


He he.


No, he didn't say "wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhoo" in celebration, just a stream of Ws.


Here's where he starts building up his big climax.


A whimsical, thought-provoking title.


Hobo. Lives in a street, doesn't get to eat, especially meat.

Beautiful. Apparently, Martyrx didn't think so, and gave him an unfinished insult.


The worst part? After that, the game closed, so not only is it unlikely I'll ever see Samuel again, but we'll never see what the rest of his poem was like. D: