So I was in a game of Halo there. Blood Gulch, Capture the Flag, the usual. However, this one was actually good, despite the red team's constant use of Fuel Rod Gun and grenades from ridiculous distances.


However, what made this game entertaining was a little red guy named P_I_M_P. You'll see why, as this is dedicated to him.


There's P_I_M_P, repeatedly saying his second favourite word. He usually said this during heated battles or after a heated battle.


After an extended period of "ho"-ing, he provided amusing variations of it, like "hip", "hoo", "hip[ hoo", "hop[", and my personal favourite, "ass hop".


However, after being killed, he usually uttered some oddity, like "bitch" or "dam", but in this case, it was "boba sse". "boba sse"?


That's his explanation, which is followed by something else worth explaining that he didn't. Oh P_I_M_P, the mysteries around you!


Here's P_I_M_P communicating with his team via elaborate codenames.


"die" was his second favourite word, and after the Boba Fett ordeal, began saying it more than "ho". So instead of saying "ho" during battles or after such things, he said "die", even if one of the two were already dead.

As you can see here, we both killed each other, yet he continued to tell me to do what I had already done.


Here's more repeating of "die", that suddenly evolved into nonsense.


Here's P_I_M_P supporting his team, with more nonsense.

However, all things have to come to an end, even if abruptly so . . .


Grenades and Fuel Rod blasts were pummelling the base, and we fought valiantly. One of our guys was hit, but the Fuel Rodder and one grenader were taken down, but we lost two more in the process. It was just me and the last grenade guy. And who was it? P_I_M_P.

He fired a rocket at me, and I did the same. Both missed. He had to reload, but I didn't. I fired. He went down.

And the events in the screenshot occured.

No hilarity ensued with his death. No "ho"s or "die"s or anything.

Just "smart ass", and he left.