The State of the GBA market

[the negative]


One of the many examples of EXCELLENT GAMING that the GBA has to offer. Take note of the HARDCORE 12+ RATING

You know what I miss? The times when the Game Boy Advance wasn't stuffed full of obscenely shitty

A typical multi-cart: Mediocre.



Yep, there used to be a time where the GBA had games that were actually good, even if most of them were mere ports! There used to be days when Mega Man Zero, Sonic Advance, and Castlevania could be released, and actually be noticed, instead of hidden among a load of bullshit. And they were actually fun.


But the thing about all this that gives me the absolute shivers, is that someone, maybe even a group of

Another multi-cart, but this time, it's unplayable. I mean, honestly, Connect Four on the GBA?

people, actually had to MAKE those games. There's nothing worse than innovative and entertaining games like CT Special

Forces and Ninja Cop being released, while some travesty against the world itself is

They made a FRIGGIN CARE BEARS GAME. Proof that society is DOOMED.

released and

 becomes more popular than aforementioned entertaining games, and it's primary reason for existing is simply to get people to buy more products related to whatever it's based off. I both pity and hate the people who made those disasters. =(


I mean, the problem wasn't too bad back in the SNES and Mega Drive era, as

usually those games were mildly rare, and may actually have been fun. The difference is that both systems had "proper" games released as well, evening out the good and the bullshit. The


GBA, on the other hand, is now nothing but multi-carts, licensed games, and general disasters.

After scanning through three pages on New Releases for the GBA on Amazon, I


only found about five games that weren't licensed, multi-carts, or any of that sort. And two of those games were ports. I'm serious. I feel everyone is in danger.


And the worst thing is, this problem didn't stop with the DS. Robots was one of the launch titles. Huzzah! Another console may be doomed by an invasion of crappy games!


[UPDATE: And lo and behold, the DS is swarmed with shitty games. Thankfully, it's got a good number of really good games to even it out, so all is not lost. Yet.]