Bad Eatter [sic] The Man 2!


As you may remember from when I wrote about the first instalment of Bad Eater The Man! (and if you don't I can't blame you as it was boring as shit), it made no sense at all. This is no different.


Our story begins with a man and his dog walking in the city. And two seconds after the movie starts the giant fatty strolls in and squashes them. This naturally causes everyone in the city to run around in a frightened state while floating text and a disembodied voice compare the fatty to Godzilla.


It takes half a minute to get the point across that everyone is running away and the fatty is still wrecking stuff.

And the it takes another half minute to show the robot shrinking the fatty with some kind of shrinking fluid. Fast paced!


Mirroring the robot's ambitions from the first, the tiny fatty enters a laboratory, slots a tube into a trap door and explodes. While this looks pretty bad, what with the Earth shrinking and disappearing and all, turns out he's done something incredibly religious and created a whole new world!


And then the guy from the first movie returns and destroys the new world with a single kick. As punishment, the fatty falls on him and squashes him, and we're reminded of what happened.


So Bad Eatter [sic] The Man 2! pales in comparison to the first film, though it provides even more mysteries. Up until the end, it's a fairly straight forward crappy film, but that last part just mixes everything up.

You have to feel sorry for the fatty, as yeah, he still causes some chaos and kills an innocent man and his dog, but they were the only casualties, yet that's enough for whole city to go into a panic and try to bunk him off. And so, apparently in an attempt to make up for things, plays God and creates paradise, only for a trench coated personification of Satan to come along and funk up his sh9it. Of course, it makes you wonder if fatty actually destroyed everything, what with Earth being replaced by the new world, and the new world being totally demolished by Satan. How's he going to fix that? Simple. He can't. We're screwed.

Imagine the headlines.




Except we wouldn't be able to see those headlines.

As we'd all be dead.

Except for astronauts.

And dolphins.