Tobidase! Panibom


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A falling blocks puzzle game, wherein the basic goal is to fill your opponent's field to the brim to grant yourself victory. There are various types of blocks, the most prominent are Bombermen, unlit bombs and lit bombs. Bombermen, when three or more of the same shape meet in a straight or diagonal line, will disappear and generate an unlit bomb on the field (the more Bombermen that connect, the more bombs you're given). The main aim is to get a large chain reaction of bombs, and bombs can only be detonated with the explosion of a lit bomb - an unlit bomb exploding will hopefully hit another, and the more bombs and objects you hit, the more impediments your opponent will receive. Gaining dominance over your opponent will raise a bar, which when it reaches maximum, will provide you with a big bomb which can wipe out a large quantity of your blocks and transfer it as rubble to your opponent's screen. Although most matches only require one win, some bosses demand an out-of-three match - whoever gets two wins is the victor.

Other blocks include bricks (can be destroyed with an explosion and will often contain status affects such as fast falling speed, reversed controls, screen obstructions and whatnot - these only appear if Skull Mode is activated); rocks (can only be removed by a big bomb) and scorched bombs (rubble, can only be destroyed with bombs and do not have chain reactions).


Very EasyEasyNormalHard
The Scary Ruins (しるし遺跡)1000200030004000
Sinister Forest (ずみみの森)4390 6835 2695 8647
Desert of Desolation (つるつる砂漠)3281 9081 1038 0538
Doom Castle (もいる城)5607 2473 6934 9316

Boss rush

Enter 1298 to battle only the boss characters.

squashed Bombermen

Enter 9782 to change the Bomberman block graphics to Bomberman heads of various shapes and sizes.

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