Battle Lode Runner



バトルロードランナー / Battle Lode Runner


PC Engine
Wii (Virtual Console)


Lode Runner!


1 to 5 (battle)






10 February 1993 (JP, PC Engine)
23 April 2007 (US, Wii Virtual Console)
27 April 2007 (EU, Wii Virtual Console)
29 May 2007 (JP, Wii Virtual Console)

Japanese box (Hu-Card / front / back)
from Battle Lode Runner manual

Here in Kagurazaka, there is a certain time machine research center. Through research, the perfection of the time machine drew near. That time is now! Black Bomberman led a gang to attack the research center, stealing all of its research funds in gold bars! And then, the group took the time machine to escape and scattered, hiding the gold bars in various eras.
With this research, even the survival of the research center is foolishly jeopardized... So the researchers gathered the men called "Lode Runners", selecting one ace Lode Runner, and sent him out in a time machine...

(translation by Dark Zaphe)

The traditional Lode Runner gameplay is back with a cute and colourful makeover, the levels now being split into several distinct visual themes.

A new addition is the Battle Mode, a competitive 5-player mode with several modes of play, power-up items and maps to play on. The Bomberman influence is very noticeable here, as even the Skull curses are carried over, and the coloured Runners hardly needs mention.

That's all pretty nifty, but you might still be wondering...

Why is Battle Lode Runner on a Bomberman site?

Mild gameplay influence isn't enough to get a page about a game from an entirely unrelated franchise on the site. Black Bomberman, being ever so villainous in his early appearances (see PC Engine Bomberman, Bomberman II and Bomberman '93), decides robbing banks and kidnapping girls just isn't bad enough. He's messing with space and time, now! Or at least scattering piles of gold in eras they don't belong. What a meanie!

Black Bomberman appears in the intro stealing the time machine, and also in the final world as a regular enemy (as in, there's multiples of him). Curiously, his torso is coloured blue like White Bomberman.

This Lode Runner has no connection to the Bungeling trilogy storyline of the NES game (and NES Bomberman), so one can assume it follows the PC Engine Bomberman's story of Black Bomberman being a malicious asshole. That is, if we're going to try and connect continuity to a spin-off game in an entirely different franchise to a franchise that barely has continuity in the first place.

For more Lode Runner - Bomberman crossover madness, check out the Lode Runner (NES) and Cubic Lode Runner pages.

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