Bomberman '93

Genesis Star

This world introduces no new traps, but retains the conveyor belts, turnstyles, bumpy tiles and warps from previous worlds.

G-1 (H)

Big Ballom x 3, [slime] x 3, [green] x 3, [roboface]
ITEM: Bomb Up / Clock

G-2 (H)

[slime] x 3, [roboface], [stripe] x 3, [checker] x 2, Big Terupyo x 2
ITEM: Remote Control / Banana

G-3 (V)

Big Ballom x 2, [roboface] x 2, [checker] x 2, Big Terupyo x 2, [heli] x 2, [tread] x 2
ITEM: Bomb Up / Heart

G-4 (V)

[roboface] x 2, [stripe] x 2, [checker] x 2, Big Terupyo x 2, [heli] x 2, [tread] x 2
ITEM: Fire Up / Wall Pass

G-5 (H)

Ballom x 2, Big Ballom x 2, [roboface] x 2, Terupyo x 2, [heli] x 2, [tread2] x 2, [redface]
ITEM: Bomb Up / Bomb Pass

G-6 (H)

[green], [roboface], [checker] x 2, Big Terupyo x 2, [tread] x 2, [heli] x 2, [tread2] x 2, [redface] x 2
ITEM: Fire Up / Bomb Kick

G-7 (H)

Big Ballom, [roboface], [slime] x 2, [stripe] x 2, [checker], Big Terupyo, [tread], [heli], [tread2] x 2, [redface] x 2
ITEM: Bomb Up, Heart

G-8 (BOSS) (H)

The final boss features three separate fights; if you die at any point, you will restart from the beginning of the stage.

The first part of the fight pits you against 4 Bombermen on bikes. They aimlessly roam around and periodically lay landmines, which will harm Bomberman is stood upon. They will speed up and charge at Bomberman on sight, but lose interest the moment he moves out of the aisle.
Requires 2 hits each to defeat. 2000 points.

The arena will change to a 9 tile wide vertical strip. Black Bomberman / ブラックボンバーマン's robot will move in from the bottom row (from whichever side is furthest from the player) before sliding up the wall, pausing at the top before repeating. Its red weak spot is vulnerable when it has paused.
After 2 hits its pattern will change: it will appear on whatever wall is closest to Bomberman and fire its fists forward (they swap positions at the centre of the arena, so don't stand there!), before relocating to where Bomberman has now moved and fire two streams of fire. The fire will snake along the corridors of the arena before reaching the opposite side, and will erase any bombs in their path. The robot will then return to its original wall to retrieve its fists, and the pattern will repeat. Be careful of the arena's edges when the robot changes position, as it can harm Bomberman on contact.
Requires 6 hits to defeat.

The final form is against Black Bomberman in a small roving pod. On land he will follow Bomberman, but if Bomberman gets too close he will fly to a new position, leaving a trail of bombs behind (with 5-tile blast radiuses). If he sees Bomberman lay a bomb in front of him, he will take to the skies and spray fire in each direction, which will detonate any bomb it touches. He is only vulnerable while on land.
Requires 6 hits to defeat. 100000 points.

Ballom / バロム: Moves slowly, only changes direction upon hitting an obstacle. Will pursue Bomberman temporarily at close-range, turning at every junction. 800 points.

[Big Ballom]: Only changes direction upon hitting an obstacle. Spawns 2 Balloms when defeated.

[slime]: Moves 1 tile at a time, pausing in between. Moves aimlessly. 500 points.

[green]: Moves erratically. 1600 points.

[roboface]: Pursues Bomberman at fast speeds, but retreats and slow downs upon hitting a bomb or obstacle. Will destroy soft blocks upon touching them. 1600 points.

[stripe]: Moves erratically and repetitively. 1000 points.

[checker]: Moves fast and pursues Bomberman, but retreats at the sight of a bomb. 800 points.

[Big Terupyo]: Moves aimlessly; can pass through soft blocks. Will spawn 2

[Terupyo]: Rarely changes direction; can pass through soft blocks. 800 points.

[heli]: Moves aimlessly; will fire a projectile at Bomberman on sight. 800 points.

[tread]: Moves aimlessly; periodically lays landmines. 1000 points.

[tread2]: Moves erratically. Requires 2 hits to defeat. 2000 points.

[redface]: Pursues Bomberman; speeds up at close-range. Can pass through soft blocks. 2000 points.

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