Bomberman '93

Crystal Star

This world introduces conveyor belts, which shift Bomberman and his bombs in the direction they're moving.

F-1 (H)

[onil] x 2, [yellow], [eskimo] x 3, [greyseal], [blueseal]
ITEM: Bomb Up

F-2 (H)

[yellow] x 2, [eskimo] x 2, [greyseal], [blueseal], [boyon] x 2
ITEM: Heart / Wall Pass

F-3 (V)

[onil] x 3, [yellow] x 2, [greyseal], [penguin]. [yeti]
ITEM: Line Bomb

F-4 (V)

[eskimo] x 2, [greyseal] x 2, [yeti] x 2, [icicle], [wheel2]
ITEM: Bomb Pass / Geta

F-5 (H)

[yellow], [eskimo] x 2, [greyseal] x 2, [penguin], [yeti] x 2, [icicle]
ITEM: Bomb Kick / Speed Up

F-6 (V)

[onil], [yellow], [greyseal] x 2, [blueseal], [boyon], [penguin] x 2, [icicle], [wheel2]
ITEM: Vest / 1UP

F-7 (H)

[onil], [yellow] x 2, [eskimo] x 2, [blueseal], [penguin] x 2, [yeti] x 2, [icicle] x 2, [wheel2]
ITEM: Bomb Up / Fire Up

F-8 (BOSS) (H)

Hibadon / ヒバドンwill fly diagonally around the arena for 5 seconds before zooming to Bomberman's general location; this is when its weak spot (the rotating red panel) is vulnerable. After 3 seconds it will stomp the ground, detonating all bombs on-screen before repeating its pattern.
After 3 hits it will spawn 4 snowman enemies that will aimlessly patrol the arena, but follow Bomberman at close-range; each requires 2 hits to defeat, but will respawn seconds afterwards. Every subsequent hit to the boss will increase the maximum amount of snowmen by 1.
Requires 6 hits to defeat.

[onil]: Moves aimlessly. 400 points.

[yellow]: Pursues Bomberman, but will retreat upon seeing a bomb. 1000 points.

[eskimo]: Moves slowly, only changes direction only hitting an obstacle. Will speed up and slide towards Bomberman upon seeing him. 400 points.

[greyseal]: Moves aimlessly. 800 points.

[blueseal]: Moves aimlessly. Can pass through soft blocks. 1000 points.

[boyon]: Pursues Bomberman. Can only change direction every 4 tiles. 400 points.

[penguin]: Moves aimlessly. Will jump over explosions, but pauses afterwards, during which period it is vulnerable. Can pass through soft blocks. 800 points.

[yeti]: Pursues Bomberman; will speed up at close-range. Can pass through soft blocks. 1600 points.

[icicle]: Moves erratically; will fire a projectile at Bomberman on sight, which can erase bombs. 1000 points.

[wheel2]: Turns at every junction, aiming to move diagonally throughout the stage. Can pass through soft blocks. Requires 2 hits to defeat. 1000 points.

page last modified: 14/05/2015