Bomberman '93

Aquaria Star

New to this planet are turnstyles - hard blocks with red balls surrounding them. Bomberman can rotate the balls by walking into them, but only in the direction indicated.

E-1 (V)

[pegi] x 3, [dreads] x 3, [kondoria] x 2
ITEM: Bomb Up

E-2 (V)

[pegi], [dreads] x 2, [kondoria] x 2, [crab] x 2, [jelly] x 2
ITEM: Heart

E-3 (V)

[pegi] x 2, [kondoria] x 3, [crab] x 3, [chomp], [whirly]
ITEM: Wall Pass

E-4 (H)

[dreads], [kondoria] x 2, [crab], [jelly] x 2, [chomp] x 2, [whirly], [coral]
ITEM: Remote Control

E-5 (H)

[pegi] x 2, [kondoria] x 2, [crab] x 2, [chomp] x 2, [whirly] x 2
ITEM: Bomb Pass

E-6 (V)

[dreads], [kondoria] x 2, [crab] x 2, [jelly] x 3, [chomp] x 3, [whirly] x 2
ITEM: Fire Up

E-7 (H)

[pegi], [dreads], [kondoria] x 2, [crab] x 2, [jelly] x 2, [chomp] x 3, [whirly] x 2
ITEM: Bomb Up


The two Kanigozen / カニゴゼン will walk left to right on their parts of the arena; they will never move up or down. If they see Bomberman they will stop and create a line of harmful bubbles in front of them. They can perform this attack while standing or sitting; it is only when sitting they are vulnerable to bombs.
After 2 hits they will spawn [coral] enemies every time they sit down; they can spawn 3 at once and have a maximum of 4 on the arena.
Requires 5 hits each to defeat.

[pegi]: Moves aimlessly, only rarely changing direction. 200 points.

[dreads]: Tries to stay close to Bomberman, but not to touch him. 500 points.

[kondoria]: Moves aimlessly; can pass through soft blocks. 400 points.

[crab]: Pursues Bomberman; can only change direction every 4 tiles. 1600 points.

[jelly]: Rarely changes direction. Will fire a projectile at Bomberman on sight, which can also erase bombs. Requires 2 hits to defeat. 1600 points.

[chomp]: Pursues Bomberman. 500 points.

[whirly]: Moves fast and pursues Bomberman, but retreats upon hitting a bomb or obstacle. Destroys soft blocks upon touching them. 2000 points.

[coral]: Pursues Bomberman, but retreats if it cannot reach him. 400 points.

page last modified: 14/05/2015