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ボンバーマン for GREE / Bomberman for GREE

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Hudson Soft


15 April 2011 (JP)

A free-to-play "social game" distributed on GREE SNS, designed to be accessible to veterans and newcomers alike. Players proceed through single-player stages, battling enemies, collecting items, and encountering bosses at the end of each area.

As a social game, players are encouraged to interact in-person via the 2-player battle mode. You can become Bomb Friends (ボム友) with other players, which apparently increases bonuses to CharaBoms and stage progression. Being a Bomb Friend gifts each player a daily login bonus, a "Friend Key" that will unlock special CharaBom.

The game's big draw are CharaBoms (キャラボン); costumed Bombermen that can be 'equipped' to increase the player's attack stat (Fire Up) and defense stat (Speed Up). They are found inside Bomber BOXes (ボンバーBOX) and require keys to open. Keys can be found inside of soft blocks, awarded as daily login bonuses, or won through the battle mode, where the loser must forfeit some of their keys.
As the game progresses, rarer CharaBoms become available. If a CharaBom already in your possession is unlocked again, it will level up and increases its stats. Separate CharaBom can be equipped to your attack or defense stat.

CharaBoms are literally "character Bombermen" dressed in various costumes, including planets of the solar system, historical warriors, mythological creatures, and so on. A press release suggests there may be costumes related to crossovers or collaboration projects, dubbed Guest Characters (ゲストキャラクター).
The CharaBom of this game have no relation to the Karabons/Charaboms from Bomberman MAX, Generations, etc.

Also found in stages are parts, represented as question mark panels. Collecting a certain amount will assemble into a new item, the Remote Control Penetration Bomb (リモコン貫通ボム), which can pierce soft blocks on command. It is unknown if more items could be crafted by this method.

The game included microtransactions, used to purchase items that would advance game progress - likely level-ups for CharaBom. First-time players would not be subjected to microtransactions for certain features, and they would not lose keys when playing in battle mode.

Events would take place every month; the press release claims they would feature familiar Bomberman items and enemies, but also characters from other Hudson Soft properties.
Chisato Sakurai from Hudson Soft's Aikore series of idol games would appear as a navigator during story scenes.

Hudson Soft press release (PDF, archive)

Dated April 15th 2011. The meatiest source of information!

MANTANWEB (archive)

Another variant of the press release. The only one to clearly state what the microtransactions are for.

K-Tai Watch

A cut-down version of the press release.

A pathetic news article. Not even worth the bandwidth. Include more pictures next time.

Chisato Sakurai's updates

The blog of Chisato Sakurai (桜井ちさと), a virtual idol from the Hudson Soft GREE title Aikore (あいこれ). She mentions her appearance in the game on April 15th 2011, and expresses her trouble beating the bosses on May 10th 2011.



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