Bomberman 3D


Title (Japanese)

ボンバーマン3D / Bomberman 3D

Title (English)

3D Bomberman

Supported phones

FOMA901i / FOMA900 series


Traditional (defeat all enemies)


Matrix Software (マトリックス)


Hudson (JP)
Living Mobile (US/EU)


3 December 2004 (JP, i-Mode)
7 September 2005? (US/EU)

For the first time on a portable platform, Bomberman goes 3D! Although the action still takes place on a grid, verticality is now an important feature of levels, with ramps, springboards and even the ability to jump up and down ledges altering how you approach each level. Battle mode takes on a whole new world when you can jump away from bombs!

Alongside defeating all enemies, each stage also features a secret objective that opens a second exit, encouraging exploration and unorthodox tricks to see all the game has to offer!

The FOMA901i version of the game boasts "3D sound" not in the FOMA900 version.

All of the gameplay data on this page has been sourced from the English version, specifically the 176x208 resolution version; it only contains the game's first world, so this data is incomplete until the full version is made playable.

The goal of each stage is to defeat all enemies to open the exit. You are given 6 minutes to complete each stage; if the timer runs out, you lose a life. Once all lives are lost, it's game over. Some stages feature an alternate exit that is opened by completing a special objective.
You can revisit stages on the stage select screen. The final stage of each world is against a large 3D boss enemy; defeating them will allow you to progress to the next world. A world is considered 100% complete once all stages are complete and all exits have been found.

Unique to this game are elevations - higher platforms that can be accessed by ramps, jumping, or springs, which launch Bomberman one tile forward in the direction they are facing. Bomberman can jump up or down by double-tapping the movement key in the direction of a wall or ledge. Bomberman can only jump up one "level", and jumping down two or more levels will stun him for one second. Bombs can be kicked off or thrown off of ledges with the Bomb Kick and Power Glove.

By exiting to the title screen, you are given the option to save your progress in one of five slots. A save file will retain all your level progression, power-ups and number of lives.

Vs. Mode

Vs. Mode is a battle against up to 3 CPU opponents. Unlike most battle modes, all the items from Normal Game are carried over, including potential game-breakers such as the Wall Pass and Remote Control.

The Living Mobile version supports only 1 CPU opponent, and has only one arena. The only options are number of victories (1 to #); time limit (from 30 seconds to 9 and a half minutes, in 30 second increments!); and "Advantages", starting each player with up to 9 Hearts.

There is no Sudden Death in this mode; running out of time is an automatic draw.

Item descriptions lifted from Living Mobile "help" screen.

Bomb / ボム

Increases the number of your bombs. Maximum of 9.

Fire / ファイアー

Increases the explosiveness of your bombs. Maximum of 9.

Roller Skate / ローラースケート

Enables you to move quicker. Maximum of 9.

Geta / ゲタ

Your movement becomes slower.

Heart / ハート

Protective shield that defends you from an enemy or a bomb once.


Extra life!

Apple / りんご

Bonus of 500 points.

Ice Cream / アイス

Bonus of 2000 points.

Bomb Pass / ボム通過

You will be able to walk on top of bombs. However, you will no longer be able to kick bombs.

Wall Pass / 壁通過

You will be able to walk through breakable blocks.

Power Glove / パワーグローブ

You will be able to grab and throw a bomb by pressing the left softkey. Bombs are thrown 3 tiles forward.

Bomb Kick / ボムキック

You will be able to move a bomb by kicking it. Press the left softkey to stop the moving bomb.

Marble Bomb / ビー玉ボム

You will be able to throw a bomb by pressing the fire key or key 5 for a while and releasing it. Bomb will instantly detonate upon hitting an object.

Line Bomb / ラインボム

You will be able to place as many bombs as you can by pressing the fire key twice.

Clock / 時計

All enemies will freeze for 16 sec.

Fireproof Suit / 耐火スーツ

Invincible mode that lasts 10 sec.

Remote Control / リモコン

Remote control. You will be able to make a bomb explode when you press the left softkey.

Power Bomb / パワーボム

Your bomb will have the maximum explosion. Applies to the first bomb only.

Penetration Bomb / 貫通ボム

Bomb explosion will break through multiple blocks.

Jelly Bomb / ゴムボム

Bomb will bounce when being kicked or thrown.

Full Fire / フルファイヤー

Only available in Vs. Mode. Max explosion for your bombs.

Skull / ドクロ

Only available in Vs. Mode. Triggers random effect on the player. You can pass the effect to other players by touching them. Effects include:

Athletic Stage / アスレチックステージ

A stage set in nature's plains. Features springs that launch you high in the sky, landing one tile forward in the direction they're facing.

[squirrel]: Changes direction every 3 to 6 tiles. 100 points.

[bird]: Flies over soft blocks. Changes direction erratically. Appears 'floating' above its actual position, so it's easy to collide with it thanks to the game's limited depth perception. 200 points.

[bear]: Changes direction erratically. 300 points.

Stage 1-1

ENEMIES: [squirrel] x 3
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up, Speed Up
EXIT (1-2): Defeat all enemies.
EXIT (1-3): Destroy all soft blocks.

Stage 1-2

ENEMIES: [squirrel] x 3, [bird]
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Bomb Kick, Clock
EXIT (1-4): Defeat all enemies.
EXIT (1-5): Collect all items.

Stage 1-3

ENEMIES: [squirrel] x 2, [bird] x 2
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up, Speed Up, Apple
EXIT (1-5): Defeat all enemies.
EXIT (1-6): Defeat two enemies with one bomb.

Stage 1-4

ENEMIES: [squirrel] x 3, [bird] x 1, [bear] x 1
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up, Power Bomb,
EXIT (1-BOSS): Defeat all enemies.

Stage 1-5

ENEMIES: [squirrel] x 2, [bird] x 2, [bear] x 1
ITEMS: Bomb Up, Fire Up x 2, Power Glove
EXIT (1-BOSS): Defeat all enemies.

Stage 1-6

ENEMIES: [bird] x 3, [bear] x 2
ITEMS: Bomb Up x 2, Fire Up, Heart
EXIT (1-BOSS): Defeat all enemies.

Stage 1-BOSS

The boss moves in erratic stop-and-go motions, choosing direction seemingly at random. Bomberman and the boss can jump up and down from the raised platform, though only at the bottom. Despite its size, the boss only occupies a 1-tile space.

It will periodically stop and perform one of two attacks: it can launch two containers onto the arena, each of them deploying a [squirrel] enemy. There appears to be a maximum of 7 [squirrel] enemies on the field. The boss may also fire 5 shuriken from its front, one straight forward and the others diagonally. If it encounters a bomb in front of itself, it will stop and erase the bomb from the arena.

Requires 3 hits to defeat. Worth 3000 points.

Machine Stage / 機械ステージ

A mechanical arena. Features conveyor belts and laser traps.

Karakuri Stage / からくりステージ

A Japanese-themed stage. Features enemies that can jump or fly.

Dinosaur Stage / 恐竜ステージ

A prehistoric arena. Volcanoes will spew harmful sparks, but Takahashi Meijin will apparently support the player with his stone axe projectiles.

Jungle Stage / 密林ステージ

A highly defended poaching compound. A kite is used to navigate.

Castle Stage / 洋城ステージ

A European castle full of traps.

Hudson Soft page (archive)

Official webpage, featuring descriptions of the game modes, items and battle arenas. Also features variants for i-Mode and Chaku-Up.

Hudson Soft press release (PDF, archive)

Dated December 3rd 2004.

Living Mobile page (archive)

Just a product description, nothing exciting.

Matrix Software

A product page from the developer, with a bit of sales pitch worked in.

Pocket Gamer review

3D Bomberman is addictive and more than enough fun to keep you coming back, even if it is to the same level five times running because you keep blowing yourself up before you reach the end. It's like realising that you're far closer to that long-lost friend than you ever realised or had even admitted to yourself. And you'll be happier than ever.

Dated September 7th 2005, reviewed by Mike Abolins. Awarded 7 out of 10.

Gamemaga (ゲーマガ) November 2006

A variety of Hudson Soft mobile games are spotlighted in the pack-in booklet Gehard Yahoo! Mobile Vol. 1 (ゲーハドY! ケイタイVol.1), with an overview of Super Bomberman as its primary feature.

Living Mobile version

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