Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters

Title (Japanese)

爆裂!! ボンバーマンジェッターズ

Title (translation)

Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters

Bakuretsu!! Bomberman Jetters (which roughly translates to "Bang!! Bomberman Jetters") was a gag comic authored by Matsuhara Tomofumi (まつばらともふみ) and published in adolescent manga magazine Monthly CoroCoro Comic (月刊コロコロコミック). It ran from September 2002 to March 2003, ending after seven episodes. [src] Its slot was filled by Soreike!! Bomberman Jetters.

A jokey adventure comic, featuring the Jetters cast of characters in light-hearted, hot-headed adventures, but has little in common with the established canon. It is notable for being the very first Jetters media to be released, coming out a couple of weeks before the first episode of the anime was broadcast. (the manga was made to promote the TV show - don't go thinking the whole Jetters franchise was built around this!)

1・ #12508;ンバーマンジェッターズ(仮)
Bomberman Jetters (working title)
2・ 笑いの爆弾大爆発!! 守るぞ宇宙の平和と正義!!
Bomb-Blasting Buffoonery!! We'll Uphold Peace And Protect The Universe!!
3・ シロボン特製ラーメンめしあがれ!!
Serving Up Shirobon's Special Ramen!!
4・ 侵入者発見!! 主人公のくせに あやしいヤツ!!
Intruder Detected!! For A Protagonist, He's One Shady Guy!!
5・ みんなで食べよう シロボンモチ!!
Let's Eat, Shirobon-Mochi!!
6・ ウワサのアイシが登場!!
The Man Whose Eyes Everyone's Talking About!!
7・ シロボンVSマックス 爆闘クライマックス!?
Shirobon vs. MAX - Explosive Climax!?

Published September 2002.
A manic preview of adventures to come.

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Published October 2002.
Shirobon crashlands into Shout's ramen shop and learns of her role in the Jetters.


Published November 2002.
Shirobon is put to work in the ramen shop, and even the Hige Hige Banidts take notice.


Published December 2002.
Shirobon breaks into the Hige Hige Bandits' HQ... to mess around with Mujoe's hair tonic.


Published January 2003.
Bongo and Gangu make a ruckus and Mujoe's up to no good.


Published February 2003.
MAX enters the scene... and he's a love ballad singer with an army of adoring fangirls!


Published March 2003.
MAX and Shirobon square off, with copious amounts of collateral damage.


Matsuhara Tomofumi WEB

The personal website and portfolio of author Matsuhara Tomofumi. The page for this manga is unexpectedly candid, speaking at length about trouble with higher-ups that forced changes to stories and designs, so much so that a lot of elements were self-admittedly slapdash. He tells of his inability to click with the material and as his ill health at the time, which likely led to the series' cancellation. A second page features early sketches and design materials, with Matsuhara's commentary on why they didn't work and concepts that never got included. An illustration with Shirobon and MAX also appears on his Cyborg 009 SD Academy page.
Translations of specific comments can be found on Bomber D Rufi's Twitter thread.



Right from the beginning this title suffered from work overflow and personal obstacles, particularly the disparity between the source material and my own style, despite respecting the animation work.
I have no memory of illustrating the series, but I can't forget the ache and distress I was enduring. I apologise to anyone who says they enjoyed it, as I honestly regard it as a "sorrowful creation".

No book was published.
(Actually, the mangaka himself didn't want one published. This work is a deep wound.)

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